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What Makes A Photographer Great?

Every bride wants a great photographer.

However, most admit they're not sure what qualities make a photographer great.  

It's natural to compare photographers by scrutinizing their photographs.  But most brides find this approach only causes more confusion.

Unfortunately, many brides choose a photographer for the wrong reasons.  Sadly, they don't realize it until it's too late.  

The photographers they chose were dreadful with communication.  It would take days or weeks to get their questions answered.  Many photographers didn't even respond to emails, phone calls or text messages.

Brides felt left in the dark.  When it came to important details, their photographers were terrible at explaining  them or they didn't even bother to take the time to address them.  

Brides were heartbroken to learn their photographers failed to capture critical moments from the wedding.   When they received their pictures, it was obvious they were poorly edited.  Many photographers didn't even edit the photos.


You Deserve More.  You Deserve Better.

Jeffrey House Photography are wedding photographers near Albany, NY.  We are deeply dedicated to providing you with a professional, highly-personalized, and meaningful experience.

The secret, and most important detail to consider when choosing a professional photographer, is personality!  

We pride ourselves on our personalities and they allow us to deliver each client and exclusive experience.

“Anyone can copy what you do; no one can copy who you are.”
— Jeff Jochum

We're real people.

We're genuine, exuberant, and warmhearted.  Our work-style is artistic, competent, and composed.

We understand when it's time to be assertive and when we need to fade into the shadows. 

We're professional, respectful, and disciplined.  


Is Jeffrey House Photography A Good Fit For Your Wedding?

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life.  A day filled with love, romance, and once in a lifetime moments.  Every bride deserves a wedding photographer that's sincerely engaged in capturing, and documenting this special day.

Many photographers view their client's weddings as "just another wedding," but it's not for you.

Planning a wedding is an emotional experience.  As a bride, you're going to devote every ounce of your personality into making every detail perfect.

Our first-rate wedding photography is for the bride that values:

* Trustworthy wedding photographers with exceptional personalities

* Wedding photography that's imaginative, alluring, contemporary, and elegant

* An aesthetic and candid approach that embraces each heartfelt smile and enchanting glance

* Wedding photographers that take great care in creating quality imagery and immersiving ourselves into every exquisite detail


The Choice Is Yours.

You will have a unique relationship with your wedding photographer.  They are the one person that will spend the entire wedding day by your side.  It's imperative that you like and relate to their personality.

When you're able to trust and connect with your photographer, the possibilities are endless.  Your photographs will reveal an undeniable honesty and real emotion.

Reserve your no strings attached introduction today!

Spend a few minutes getting to know us better and see if we're a good fit for your wedding.

The choice is yours.  


You Have A Vision - We Can Bring It To Life!  

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