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"Jeff is by far the most creative and dedicated photographer I have had the pleasure of meeting!"


"Jeff is a great photographer!  He is always willing to push his creativeness to the next level."


More Than 80% of Albany Brides Regret Their Wedding Photography!

Albany Wedding Photographer

Your Wedding Is Filled With Love, Romance, & Heartfelt Moments!  Once The Moments Are Over, They're Gone Forever!


We Will Make Your Wedding Photography Impassioned & 

Prevent You From Being A Broken-Hearted Bride!


Our Guarantee To You Because You Should Feel Special!


Great Personalities!

Personality is the most important aspect of being a successful wedding photographer.  It's vitally important you choose a photographer in which you can establish a connection that makes you feel comfortable!  We are those photographers.  We have personalities that are genuine, professional, passionate, funny, and imaginative!  We will ensure a first-rate experience!


Photographers That Are Creative & Trustworthy!

Trust is a critical component found in creative, beautiful, and successful wedding photography!  We form connections with our couples that make them feel completely at ease.  We will make earning your trust a priority!


Simplicity & Transparency

We make the process of working with us simple and transparent - From choosing your wedding package to making beautiful photographs!  You have enough to worry about and we want to make your wedding photography engaging and fun!   


Exceptional Listeners & Candid Communicators!

We pride ourselves on our "active" listening skills and our candid communication style to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams!  We genuinely care about the success of your wedding and your wedding photography.  Every wedding is different and every couple's needs are unique.  We will be diligent in fully understanding your needs and the needs of your wedding!


Professional & Effective Problem Solvers!

An integral aspect of being a professional wedding photographer is being an effective problem solver.  While we will have a lot of fun working together, we will always conduct ourselves appropriately and in a professional manner.  We will give you and your wedding the personal attention it deserves.  We are available day or night to address your questions.  We guarantee prompt and professional responses that effectively address your questions.


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