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82% Of Brides Regret How They Planned Their Wedding!

Every year, thousands of brides participate in interviews to share their wedding experience.

Topping the list of biggest regrets is scrimping on their wedding photography.

Every bride wants a great photographer, but most admit they're not sure what makes a photographer great.

It's natural to compare photographers by scrutinizing their photographs, however, being an exceptional photographer has very little to do with your actual images.


Brides Have Other Worries Too!

Wedding photography continues to evolve, especially from an artistic perspective.  Brides today are looking for a photographer that can create something different.

Not only do they want something different, but they want photographs that look natural.  

Most brides fear the thought of "posing" for photographs.  They don't have professional modeling experience and they don't want their keepsakes to look "posey."  

Lastly, brides want a photographer they can trust.  A photographer that actually listens to their needs and finds creative ways to solve their problems.  

These are all important concerns and they can't be ignored.  As professional photographers we are always looking to create photographs that are original and special to each client.

We have a simple, but effective approach to creating photographs that look natural and relaxed.  We don't pose you - we subtly direct you into arrangements that look comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!


It's About The Experience!

We are "emotional experts!"

That's our response when people ask what we do.  Sure, Albany Wedding Photographers is more direct, but emotional experts is more accurate.  

As a bride, you're going to invest your personality into every aspect of your wedding.

It's an emotional experience.  

As an emotional expert, we empathize with your emotional investment.  That's why we take the time to view you as more than a bride - we see you as a person.  We want to know your likes, your dislikes, your interests, etc.  

By understanding the unique details of your personality, we can better deliver an emotional experience that's focused on forming trusting and meaningful connections.  

It's these qualities that make a photographer great!

When you work with us you will find real people.  We are genuine, fun, trustworthy, imaginative, and professional photographers.  We sincerely care about the success of your wedding photography and we will immerse ourselves into every detail, and every photograph.  


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