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Copyright 2017 | Jeffrey House Photography | Engagement & Wedding Slideshow

Copyright 2017 | Jeffrey House Photography | Engagement & Wedding Slideshow


Wedding Photographers Albany, NY


What Fears Do You Have When It Comes To Your Wedding Photography?

Planning a wedding is an emotional experience.

As Wedding Photographers Albany NY, we understand you will agonize over every detail.  You will pour every ounce of your personality into making everything perfect.  Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is no exception.  If you're like most brides, you will experience the same 5 fears when it comes to your wedding photography.

* You won't look beautiful in your pictures

* Your photos will lack creativity and originality

* You don't like posing and fear your photographs will look unnatural

* You're not sure how to choose the right photographer for your wedding

* You worry your photographer won't do a good job editing your photos



Our Philosophy For Conquering Your Fears

It's truly important that we work with the right couples, and because of this we don't agree to photograph every wedding we're approached about.  You deserve the absolute best!  That's why it's so important to ensure we are a good fit for each other, and the right choice for your wedding.

“Anyone Can Copy What We Do; No One Can Copy Who We Are!”

We are mindful of the emotional and financial investment you're making in planning your wedding.  We understand how important this special day is to you.  We work very hard to show you how much we truly care about you and your wedding.  We accomplish this by really getting to know you.  We ask purposeful questions that allow us to experience your wedding through your eyes.  

We pride ourselves on delivering a highly-personalized experience tailored towards your vision.

We derive great satisfaction in working with you to solve your wedding photography problems - whether it's to be a comforting presence, bustle your dress or to congratulate you in the quiet moments we have together.  As your wedding photographer, our interaction will be unique.  We will be by your side to share in some of your most hectic and vulnerable moments.  We make a point to constantly communicate with you and keep you informed every step of the way.  We will give you peace of mind, so you can fully enjoy the celebration of your marriage.  

You Deserve A Personal & Trusting Experience

When you first meet us, you're going to notice we are authentic, down-to-earth people.  As we get to know each other better, you're going to discover personalities that are trustworthy, passionate, comforting, and professional.

When it comes to our photography style, we are best defined as "Commercial Wedding Photographers."  We produce magazine quality imagery and photographs that are worthy of the Jeffrey House Photography brand.  

As commercial wedding photographers, we are meticulous about the creative process in its entirety.  Unlike many photographers, we don't give less attention or minimize the importance of the post-production process.  Regardless of how great an image is, it requires adequate post-production to bring it to the next level.

Our wedding photography is imaginative, emotional, contemporary, and genuine.  Our images speak to you and your partner - every heartfelt smile, silly giggle, and enchanting glance.  Our Signature posing method will make you look natural, relaxed, and beautiful!

We are always looking to capture that unique edge that leads to original and compelling photography - photography that reflects you and your wedding.  We strive to encapsulate the emotion that exemplifies your wedding and we document your unique relationship in a sincere fashion.  Your love is a story and we have a way of exquisitely telling it.  

The most beautiful wedding photography is created when a photographer and their client has amazing chemistry.  We place a strong emphasis on developing trusting client relations and going out of our way to make you feel completely at ease.  We will do whatever we can to ensure your experience with Jeffrey House Photography is amazing!

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