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Best wedding photographers Saratoga Springs, NY.  We answer the most frequently asked questions about our wedding photography services.  Have more questions?  Call (518) 701-5583!

Best Wedding Photographers Saratoga Springs, NY 


Frequently Asked Questions


what is most important when choosing a wedding photographer?

Personality.  It is important that a photographer's images appeal to you, but the single most important detail to consider is personality.  Even more importantly, their personality must harmonize well with your personality.  You will spend long hours with your wedding photographer, so it's essential to have a great relationship.  This is vital to an enjoyable and quality experience.


how do i determine what a wedding photographer should cost?

If you are like most couples, you are not sure how much a wedding photographer should cost.  This can put you and your memories in a very vulnerable position.  The website is a great resource for determining the average cost of wedding details. This information is determined by the actual spending habits and pricing information specific to your area.


how important is photography style?

Photography style is very important, but practically every wedding planning resource focuses on the wrong information.  They will stress how vital it is to know how your photographer "defines" their style.  Even photographers with the exact same style will create very different looking images because we all view the world differently, we all use light differently, and well all tell the story differently.

When viewing a photographer's work, view their images and ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do their images make me feel good?
  • Do the people in their images look happy?  Do they look natural and relaxed?
  • Do their skin tones look accurate?
  • Does the lighting look nice?
  • Are the overall colors well represented?

This is a much more objective way of forming your conclusions about a photographer's style and much more beneficial.


how would you describe your photography style?

My photography style is best described as "Commercial" or "Stylized."  It means I am proficient in many different styles of wedding photography and I create imagery that is of magazine quality and worthy of the Jeffrey House Photography brand.

The photographs from your wedding will be imaginative, emotional, contemporary, and romantic.  I also place a strong emphasis on creating images that exquisitely tell your story.  

[Learn More About Our Photography Style]


why should i consider jeffrey house photography to be my wedding photographer?

My values and the overall experience you will receive.  This includes conducting myself and my business with integrity, honesty, and transparency.  When I photograph your wedding, I view it as a long-term relationship.  By thinking long-term, I make better decisions that are in your best interest.    

I work extremely hard to deliver you an overall experience that is personalized, trustworthy, and meaningful.  I understand you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer.  Whether you hire me or another photographer, I want every interaction you have with me to be genuine, informative, and useful for your wedding.  At the very least, I want to earn your respect by giving you the most valuable information I can.  


how do we book you for our wedding?

Simple!  In order to guarantee your wedding date, we require a signed contract and a $700 non-refundable booking fee.


what happens if you get sick or are unable to photograph our wedding?

Unfortunately, this is something every wedding photographer needs to consider.  We have many relationships with other local wedding photographers.  In the unlikely event I am unable to photograph your wedding, I will work with my local connections to stand-in on my behalf.  


do we get the digital files?

Yes.  Most of our wedding collections include a "copyright."  We deliver your final images in two formats.  The first is a "high-resolution" format that allows you to print your photos for personal use.  You can print your photos in any size and quantity.

The second is a "digital/web" format.  The high-resolution images are resized and optimized for online sharing using your favorites social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  They are also compatible with an iPad which allows you to easily create a mobile album of your most precious memories.  


do you edit our photos before giving them to us?

Yes.  Unfortunately, many wedding photographers avoid or ignore editing altogether.  They likely will tell you they don't need to edit because they get their pictures right "in-camera."  Getting your photos right "in-camera" certainly makes the editing process easier and faster, however, it does not eliminate the need for editing.  

Other wedding photographers will allege they edit your photos, but they apply basic "presets" to every picture.  It's more of a cookie-cutter approach.  

Every photo requires post-production to bring it to the next level!  This includes skin retouching, lint/hair/dust removal, and removal of other distracting elements.  We address the needs of each photo on an individual basis.  Post-production is just as important to the creative process as image production.  The images we deliver to you will undergo our Signature production ensuring completely finished photographs.


will you give us the "raw" files so we can edit our photos?

Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill this request.  Our Signature production is part of the creative process and it's part of our style, brand, and reputation.  It is vital we retain full control over the retouching process to ensure our work is accurately reflected to future clients.


do we get every picture you take during the wedding?

No.  While it's not uncommon for us to capture between 1,500-3,000 images during your wedding, the number of delivered images will be less.  When photographing a wedding, practically every image we take, is captured in a set of 3-5 images.  We have to account for "unusable" photos due to closed eyes, unflattering facial expressions, lighting issues, focus issues, etc.  The "unusable" and duplicate images are not part of the final product.  

When we meet at your consultation, we will determine the total hours of photography coverage and provide you with the expected number of delivered photographs.  This information will also be clearly outlined in your wedding photography contract.  


how many photographers will photograph our wedding?

All of our wedding collections include two photographic artists.  This allows us to capture and document your day from multiple and unique perspectives.  It also allows us to capture every detail and special moment while remaining unobtrusive.

I personally photograph every wedding and will never surprise you by sending "other" photographers on the day of your wedding.  


how long does it take to get our pictures and how do we get them?

We ask that you allow up to 12 weeks for delivery of your photographs, however, in most cases we deliver your photos in 3-5 weeks or less.  If, for any reason, there is a delay in the expected delivery date, you will be notified as soon as reasonably possible.  

Your final photographs will be delivered to you on a high-quality thumb drive that comes complete with it's own protective storage box.  


do you offer different wedding packages?

Yes.  We offer a variety of full-featured wedding collections.  However, if one of our collections doesn't meet your specific wants or needs, we can customize a collection that's perfect for you!


what if you haven't photographed a wedding at our venue before?

No problem!  If I haven't photographed a wedding a your venue, I will visit the venue prior to the wedding day to introduce myself to the staff and familiarize myself withe location.  You can rest assured I will be fully prepared for your big day!


should we give you a shot list?

Yes and no.  Shot lists can be beneficial when identifying unique details, events or people (VIP's).  However, it is certainly not necessary to provide a shot list for every photograph you want captured.  While weddings have many planned events, if your photographer has their nose buried in a shot list, it's likely they will miss those spontaneous moments that unfold throughout the course of the day.


can guests take pictures during the wedding?

Yes.  However, per our wedding photography contract, Jeffrey House Photography will be the only hired photographer at your wedding.  

While guests are not excluded from taking pictures during your wedding, we strongly urge you to consider having a "no photo or video" policy during the ceremony.  Even though it is not intentional, wedding guests are ruining wedding photos.  Because so many guests have cell phone cameras, your wedding pictures are filled with arms raised in the air or guests leaning/standing in the aisle. Also, the sudden and unexpected flash from their cameras can destroy your professional images.  

Encourage your guests to relax and enjoy the experience of your wedding ceremony.  I understand the excitement that comes with capturing an amazing photograph, but rarely, if ever, is a couple dying to get their hands on a blurry cell phone picture.  


what kind of equipment do you use and do you have backup equipment?

We use professional grade Nikon cameras and lenses.  And yes, we always have backup equipment on-hand.  Our equipment is some of the best as producing ultra sharp images and crisp images.  It is also extremely effective at handling low-light situations. 

With the affordability of consumer grade DSLR cameras, many amateur photographers are posturing themselves as professionals. While beautiful images can be captured using a consumer grad camera, professional grad systems perform much better when placed in a professional's hands.  They provide more reliability, more consistent results, and more creative control.  


do you photograph same sex marriages?

Yes.  I believe everyone has the right to love and marriage.  Love knows no boundaries.  Any couple that wishes to get married should have every opportunity to participate in a ceremony that declares their love for one another.  


do you offer military discounts?

Yes.  We could not be more proud of the men and women of our armed forces and we thank you for your service.  Please be sure to present us with your military card and we will be more than happy to extend you our military pricing.


do you offer "off-season" discounts?  

Yes.  We offer special off-season pricing, so Contact Us today to inquire about your wedding date!



what other questions do you have?

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