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5 Biggest Wedding Regrets Of 2016

Biggest Wedding Regrets 2016

By Jeffrey House Photography



It's that time of year again.  Time to share the biggest wedding regrets of 2016!  

Unfortunately, and fortunately, I suppose, the list of wedding regrets isn't really changing.  Brides continue to regret the same aspects of their wedding year after year.  

Can I go Jerry Maguire for a second?

Help me, help you.  HELP ME, HELP YOU!  

That felt good!  Okay, enough funny business, let's take a look at the 5 biggest wedding regrets of 2016!

5 Biggest Wedding Regrets of 2016!


1.  I Shouldn't Have Hired A Cheap Wedding Photographer

Help me, help y.....wait, I already used that one.

This regret tops the list every year!  I understand wedding photography is an investment.  On average, couples spend approximately $3,000, but you get a lifetime of beautiful memories.  I understand it's difficult to understand the true meaning of this while planning your wedding, but you can't even imagine all the ways your wedding photos will impact your life.

Your wedding photos are more than pictures.  They represent your love, the story of your journey, and they contribute to the history of your family.  They capture the emotional and heartfelt moments from your wedding day that pass you by in an instant if you're not careful.  The memories your photographer helps you to create, will literally live forever.  They will be part of your children and your grandchildren's lives, and I promise you one day they will look back on these memories with great fondness.

When searching for a wedding photographer, keep one question in mind - "What are your memories worth to you?"  

2.  I Should Have Hired A Videographer

Here's another huge regret for most couples.  They don't hire a videographer because they hired a photographer.  They believe that having a videographer is somehow duplicating their efforts.  

Wedding photography and wedding videography are duplicating efforts.  They offer two unique perspectives for experiencing your special day.  It's said that pictures speak a thousand words and they are great for capturing and documenting your wedding.  But a wedding video offers you the opportunity to view your wedding through your guests eyes.  You can relive your ceremony and the exchange of vows - watch your partner's facial expressions as you proclaim your love and commitment.  Or relive that beautiful toast delivered by your maid-of-honor - it will bring tears to your eyes all over again.  

If we look at the bigger picture, imagine for a moment, the day you sit down with your children to share your wedding video.  It will have a powerful impact on them.  And when you couple the video with your photos, your wedding will have a whole new meaning.  

3.  Not Having An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Unplugged ceremonies have been a hot topic for several years now.  And with so many of your guests having cell phones, most couples are now having unplugged ceremonies.  

Just in case you haven't heard this term before, an unplugged ceremony simply means your guest are not allowed to take photos or video, with any device, during your wedding ceremony.  While they have the best of intentions, they are literally destroying your wedding photos.  Almost every image captured by your professional photographer is littered with cell phones, arms raised in the air, people standing in the aisle, etc.  

Implementing an unplugged policy will eliminate the possibility of disaster and it will allow your professional photographer(s) the opportunity to capture some amazing images of the most important part of your special day.  

4.  Not Hiring A Wedding Planner

Your first thought might be - "Are you nuts, I can't afford to hire a wedding planner!"

Before jumping to that conclusion, ask yourself if you can afford NOT to hire a wedding planner.  

Established wedding planners can save you money!  That's right, they work with other wedding vendors like florists, caterers, bands, etc., and they often can get you discounts on these services.  When it comes to the other details of your wedding, wedding planners have other ideas, and options, that can help make your wedding amazing while also remaining budget friendly.   

When all is said and done, wedding planners will generally save you between 10-20% on your overall wedding costs making them well worth the money.  

But wedding planners have more value too.  They save you an enormous amount of time, they provide great experience with the more difficult decisions, and they do all of this while making your vision the priority.  

5.  Choosing The Wrong People For Your Wedding Party

Brides and grooms make the same 2 mistakes when it comes to their wedding party:

1.  They ask people because they feel obligated to ask them

2.  Their wedding parties are too large

The very first step in choosing a wedding party is defining your expectations for their involvement.  Once you begin the process of actually asking people to be part of the wedding party, be sure to clearly communicate your expectations.  Make it mandatory that they take a few days to consider these expectations before committing.  If they decide not to be part of your wedding party, there won't be any hard feelings.  This simple step is a great way to eliminate a lot of the issues that arise with wedding parties.  

As a general rule, keep the wedding party to 3-4 people per side.  If you're have a large wedding (200+ people), then you can consider having 5-6 people.  The more people in the wedding party, the more drama exists.  There's more disagreements and arguments when it comes to the color and style of the bridesmaids dresses, bachelorette party ideas, etc.  And larger wedding parties will ultimately add to your wedding expenses.  

It's much easier said than done, but never ask someone to be part of the wedding party because you feel obligated to ask them.   This rarely, if ever, works out well.  You might feel you have to ask your friend because you were in her wedding last year.  This can be a tough situation, but there's no etiquette or law that says you have to return the invitation.  

Other brides have that long time friend, but she's the jealous type.  She's jealous because you're getting married first or having a more expensive wedding.  The last thing you need to deal with for the next year is her drama.  

You might even find yourself being pressured by your parents to ask a cousin.  You're not really close to this cousin - you don't hang out together.  You see each other at family functions and that's the extent of your relationship, but your parents think it would be nice to include them.  

These can all be difficult situations and it's the reasons most brides wished they handled their wedding parties differently.   But there are many ways to handle these awkward situations with elegance.  

So, there you have it.  The 5 biggest wedding regrets of 2016.  What do you think?  Are you surprised by them?  Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear what you have to say!