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20 Best Wedding Movies To Watch Before Getting Married

Best Wedding Movies To Watch Before Getting Married

By Jeffrey House Photography



“I got to get out of here pronto! I got a stage five clinger. Stage five - virgin clinger!”
— Jeremy Grey - Wedding Crashers
“Four of us wolves - running around in the desert together - in Last Vegas - looking for strippers and cocaine.”
— Alan - The Hangover
“Boy, these vodka Red Bulls are strange - I feel like I’m getting drunk and electrocuted at the same time!”
— Archie - Last Vegas

As you plan your wedding, it's very likely you're going to feel stressed out at some point.  I don't want you to worry though because I've put together a list of the 20 best movies to watch before getting married!  This is a great way to forget about the stresses of wedding planning and share some great laughs with your partner.  

Let's discover what movies made the top 20!

1.  Wedding Crashers

Who doesn't love wedding crashers?  There must be a hundred quotable lines from this movie.  I could probably dedicate an entire blog post to reciting the best lines.  

2.  The Hangover

Another great movie that features a ton of awesome quotes!  Between the actors and my love for Las Vegas, I can watch this movie over and over again!

3.  Last Vegas

A movie that will probably appeal to a slightly older generation, but these classic actors do a great job of making this movie a great experience for everyone!  Another movie set in Las Vegas!

4.  Father of the Bride

An older movie and definitely a little corny, but it's how family, life, and weddings should be.  

5.  Bridesmaids

Classic!  This is such a funny movie and there are so many scenes just have you laughing out of control.  The bathroom scene in the dress shop gets me every time - Melissa McCarthy yelling "look away" is side splitting!

6.  Meet the Parents

Another movie that goes back a few years now, but it's another classic!  Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro just kill it!

7.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

For some reason, I never took the time to watch this movie until about 2 years ago.  Honestly, I was surprised at how much I liked it.  The father in the movie is awesome - "is he a good boy?  I don't know..."

8.  Bride Wars

Another funny movie and you have to love the over-the-top pranks exchanged between Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway!

9.  The Wedding Date

Great wedding movie.  Offers a little something for everyone!

10.  Runaway Bride

We're going old school now, but I still like watching this movie.  It's something different and provides a lot of laughs!

11.  My Best Friend's Wedding

Another old school wedding movie featuring Julia Roberts.  This movie is best known for the restaurant scene where everyone sings.

12.  27 Dresses

A wedding movie with a twist and another wedding movie with a great singing scene.  

13.  Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Another corny wedding movie, but it's a neat premise and provides a unique story line.  

14.  The In-Laws

This is an older movie and it may be one you haven't seen, but it's got some great actors in it including Ryan Reynolds.  It definitely makes me laugh.  

15.  The Wedding Singer

An older movie and it's that old Adam Sandler humor, but definitely a movie I enjoy watching.  Drew Barrymore is also great in this movie!

16.  License To Wed

A good movie featuring Robin Williams who always provides great humor.  Another movie with a unique twist that's sure to make you laugh. 

17.  The Wedding Planner

An entertaining movie featuring Jennifer Lopez who plays a neurotic wedding planner

18.  4 Weddings & A Funeral

A little bit of a quirky movie, but it's definitely entertaining and there are several laughable moments.  

19.  Monster In-Law

J-Lo returns for another funny wedding movie.  Jane Fonda does a great job playing the role of the crazy mother-in-law!

20.  Fools Rush In

Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek team up in this very funny movie that also offers a little romance too.  


Share your favorite wedding movie or wedding quote now!  We'd love to hear what you have to say!