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Biggest Wedding Regrets Of 2014

Wedding Regrets 2014

By Jeffrey House Photography


Coulda, shoulda, woulda.....

Unfortunately, a lot of brides have wedding day regrets.  Even though we'd all love to have the most expensive of everything when planning a wedding, it's just not reasonable.  Most of us have to live our financial lives adhering to a budget.  Oh, how nice it would be to have one of those proverbial money trees growing in our backyards!  We can all dream, right?


Weddings Are Expensive

As a professional wedding photographer, I can tell you one of the biggest financial investments a couple will make in their lifetime is their wedding day.  According to Time Magazine, and a survey of 16,000 American couples, the average cost of a wedding during 2014 reached an all-time high of $31,213!

The Knot's "Real Wedding Study" determined that 45% of couples exceeded their wedding budget and 23% lacked a budget altogether!

I think we can all agree that weddings are expensive.  And the numbers don't lie.  What's amazing to me is that over 80%  of couples regret how they planned their weddings, and if given a second chance they would do it very differently.  

It's Amazing What You Can Find

So I did a little research and it showed me that over 80% couples regret how they planned their weddings.  Okay, we know that already.  But what is it about how they planned their weddings that caused them to regret it?  Before we  delve into the findings, let me take a quick moment to thank the following sources:

A lot of couples regretted smaller details that didn't involve money or involved minimal amounts of money.  Our focus is helping couples with the BIG regrets that require a significant investment.  Hopefully, we can help you avoid the mistakes made by those who came before you!

Top 5 Wedding Regrets

1.  Not Hiring A Videographer

This is the number one regret among couples.  A wedding video compliments your wedding pictures perfectly!  It not only provides couples with a unique perspective of their day, but another way in which to savor it.  When you look at all the planning and all the details that go into planning your wedding day, how many of them last forever?  Very few!  I can't tell you how many couples tell us they are going to hire a videographer if there is money left over after they have planned everything else.  All too often videographers are a couple's last consideration.  

2.  Scrimping On Wedding Photography

Another huge regret for the majority of couples is scrimping on their wedding photography. Another of the very few details that last forever.  Wedding photography and videography are two things from your $31,0000 investment that commemorate your day.  Your wedding pictures and video will be the things you can enjoy with family and friends, your future children, and eventually your grandchildren.  Not to mention, there are endless stories of couples who lost a close family member or friend following their wedding.  They were so thankful to have a recent and one last photo of them.  We often don't realize how much we appreciate things like this until we are in the situation.  

3.  Not Hiring A Professional Photographer

Many couples take the route of hiring a close friend or family member to photograph their wedding in an effort to save money.  Hey, this person loves photography and they have a nice camera.  There are tons of horror stories like this from real couples, with real regrets.  While this amateur or "hobbyist" photographer may have the best of intentions, and believes they are doing you a favor, they are not.  Rarely does someone unfamiliar with photographing weddings posses the equipment or skills necessary to do the job right.  Professional wedding photographers can often make the job look much easier than it really is.  Wedding photography is highly demanding and highly technical.  Weddings are extremely fast paced and 99% of the time you get one chance at "getting the shot."  Couples that hired an amateur regretted it immensely because their "photographer" missed a lot of the important details and moments.  A good portion of the pictures were blurry, too dark or too light.  As a wedding photographer, it's critical to know your equipment inside and out.  You also need to know the reasons behind what you are doing and you need to make thousands of split second decisions over the course of a wedding. These are your memories - your keepsakes.  Leave them in the hands of a professional.

4.  Not Hiring A Professional DJ

A lot of people look at a DJ and think their job is pretty easy.  All they really do is play music, right?  So why not make some playlists on an iPod and a get a volunteer to hit "play" and "stop."  While your wedding day is "your day," your wedding reception is just as much an experience for your guests as it is for you.  You want your guests engaged in the celebration and you want them to have a great time!  A professional DJ plays a very essential role in making this happen.  A professional DJ plays music and is constantly monitoring and evaluating the response from your guests.  Are they up dancing or sitting at their tables looking like they would rather be anywhere else in the world, but here?  A good DJ will evaluate and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a great wedding reception for everyone!  I have photographed weddings where people weren't dancing and everyone looked bored out of their minds.  Trust me, it's awkward.  Not to mention, as a wedding photographer, we can't offer our client's those funny dance shots where people get all crazy.  However, some of those can be pretty awkward too!  :)  

5.  Waiting Too Long To Book The Wedding Venue - Even Before The Dress!

Let's face it, most weddings are all about the bride.  Guests wait in anticipation of how beautiful she will look in her wedding dress.  While the dress is very important, it's not as important as you might think!  The venue is the most important part of wedding planning because it's typically the most expensive.  On average, a wedding venue is going to cost couples $200 - $250 per head.  If you can cut your guest list by just 10 people you can save at least $2,000 - $2,500 on your wedding budget.  Many venues, especially during "wedding season," require couples to have minimum number of guests (i.e. 150 guests) or have a financial requirement (i.e. $15,000) they must meet in order to book their venue.  There are a lot of variables to consider when booking a wedding venue so, I highly recommend you put this at the top of your priority list.  

There Are Lots Of Ways To Skin A Cat

There is not just one way to plan a wedding, however, there is only one chance.  If we step back and really take a look at the top 5 regrets, we will see a common theme.  The majority of the regrets pertain to the details that celebrate, honor, and cherish your day.  If the average wedding cost couples $31,000, why would so many make the mistake of not commemorating it?  Everything about wedding planning is important.  In the end, it's the sum of these details that create the look and feel of your wedding.  The truth is, most guests will not notice or even remember 75% of the details.  But they will want to see your wedding pictures and/or wedding video.  

Your wedding video will last forever.  Your wedding pictures will last forever.  Unfortunately, too many couples don't realize the importance or significance of these details until it's too late.  


Do you know anyone who regrets not hiring a videographer or scrimping on their wedding photography?  We would love to hear your stories!