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The Biggest Wedding Regrets Of 2015

Biggest Wedding Regrets 2015

By Jeffrey House Photography



How do we stop couples from repeating the same mistakes?

Previously, we wrote an article featuring the "Biggest Wedding Regrets Of  2014."  Interestingly, after finishing our research of the biggest bride regrets from 2015, we learned many of the regrets don't deviate very much.  However, the 2015 edition has some new information to share too!

Over 80% of brides continue to regret how they planned their wedding and they would do it all completely different if given a second chance!  That's a powerful statement and we are going to use the mistakes of brides past to help you plan your wedding.  

In reality, most brides and most couples will reflect on their wedding and wish they had done at least a few things differently.  That's only natural.  It's difficult, if not impossible, to plan an entire wedding and have every single detail perfectly in tune with your vision.  However, it's a completely different story to regret how you planned your wedding to the extent you would do it completely different. 

I hate to be redundant, but what makes all of this even more astounding is that over 80% of couples share these same feelings.  We're not talking about a handful of unfortunate situations - we are talking about the majority of couples!

So, why do couples continue to have the same regrets year after year?  

On average, a couple will invest a little more than $31,000 on their wedding.  I personally find it heartbreaking to see couples investing their time, energy, and money into their wedding only to regret it.  You should never feel this way, especially when speaking about your wedding.  

Before we jump into the biggest bride regrets of 2015, let's take a quick look at 3 steps you can take to find more happiness and success with your wedding planning.  

Organization Is Key

Being well organized is a critical step in successful wedding planning.  First of all, wedding planning takes place over an extended period of time, there are tons of details to consider and address, and it involves a significant financial investment.  Being well organized will allow you to effectively plan and monitor your progress.  

Don't Short Yourself

Planning a wedding takes patience, but most importantly, it takes time.  Couples should give themselves at least 12 months, but ideally 15-18 months to plan it all out.  You want to avoid putting yourself in positions that require you to make decisions out of panic and/or time constraints.  This will only lead to mistakes and placing a lot of strain on your budget.  

The 3 Rules Of Wedding Planning - Budget, Budget, Budget

As you will see a little later in this article, couples share budget regrets.  A solid budget is by far one of the most essential components of wedding planning.  It's absolutely essential to under the real costs associated with planning a wedding.

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but I don't want to scare you because we can help you!  

We've identified some of the pitfalls that cause couples to regret how they planned their wedding, now let's take a look at what they actually regretted!  Before we begin I will give you a little hint of what's to come - leave it to the pro's!

1.  Not Hiring A Videographer

In 2015, once again, not hiring a professional videographer was at the top of the list for bride's biggest regrets.  As a matter of fact, only 29% of couples hired a videographer and of the couples who didn't hire one, 98% regretted this decision!  

We hear couple's say all the time, "if we have any money left over after planning our wedding, we'll consider getting a videographer."  

Vidography is NOT the same as your wedding photography and it provides another layer of commemorating your day.  Videography and photography compliment one another so well, and they make your "story" complete!  

2.  Not Hiring A Professional Photographer (Scrimping On Wedding Photography)

This regret is hot on the heels of not hiring a videographer - depending on the bride they take turns sharing the number 1 position.  

In an effort to "save money," couples will hire a family member or friend who has a nice camera, and loves photography.  It makes perfect sense to ask them to photograph your wedding, right?  Almost 100% of the time these couples are left brokenhearted.  Their pictures are blurry, dark, and so many "moments" were completely missed.  How do you begin to tell your friend or family member they did a horrible job?  It's not uncommon for these situations to literally destroy relationships.  

The other option couples elect is to hire a "cheap" photographer.  You know what I'm talking about - all the other photographers are charging $2,500 - $3,000, but this person is only charging $1,000!  In almost every case this option backfires.  This would fall under one of those "too good to be true deals."  There's only one way a "cheap" photographer can charge these prices - cutting corners!  In most cases the corners will be cut when it comes to the editing of your pictures - the post-production.  Your images will be very poorly edited and it will be abundantly clear just how poorly once you receive them.  

Recently, I read a statement by a bride that said, "I wish I hired a cheaper photographer so I could have had two photographers photograph my wedding because our photographer missed a lot of important moments."  

Initially, it's easy to understand this thought process, but there's a huge problem with it.  There's a reason some photographer's are considered "cheap."  The pictures are very poorly composed, the use of lighting is bad, and the pictures are blurry.  Hiring a cheap photographer so you can have a second shooter will not resolve the "missed moments."  It will most likely give you twice as many poor pictures.  There are endless horror stories of couples who have fallen victim to the cheap photographer that it's truly heartbreaking.  

3.  Poor Budgeting

Many couples reflected and were upset with their budgeting.  They underestimated most of the details and didn't allocate enough money for the details that mattered most to them.  

As you begin your wedding planning, it's critical to understand the real costs associated with each detail.  If you budget $1,000 for a professional DJ, but find out the real cost is $1,600, problems will quickly arise!  

To help you get started with some ball park figures check out this great site -!

You will spend a few minutes answering some basic questions about your wedding and in return, it will give you an expected total cost for your wedding.  It will even break it down by category (venue, photography, etc.)  While these figures aren't written in stone, it should give you a great starting point.  

I would then begin to call several vendors in your area to get even more information on cost.  All of this information should give you  a very good idea at what the "average" cost will be.  This will be very useful in your budgeting efforts.  

4.  Too Much DIY

Many couples start planning their wedding and it's not long before they experience a little "sticker shock."  Weddings are expensive!  They start thinking about steps they can take to save some money on the budget.  A friend or a bridal magazine catches their attention with how much money they can save by incorporating some DIY into their wedding day.  Completely reasonable to entertain this thought, however, I wouldn't be doing my job properly if I didn't tell you to proceed with caution!

When you're planning your wedding you're full of excitement and the thought of a little DIY doesn't seem so bad.  However, the majority of couples report getting way too deep with DIY.  Many of them had to take down their "DIY Projects" following their weddings when they were completely exhausted!  This was the absolute last thing they wanted to be doing.  

You want to be able to relax on your wedding day - not feel like you're working - you already have enough nerves and details to worry about.  Even those brides that thought they would just delegate the DIY to a family member or friend found they had to be involved to ensure everything was exactly as they wanted it.  You might start off with the best of intentions, but most brides found they couldn't help, but get involved.  

5.  Not Being Assertive Enough

This is your day and the "normal rules" don't apply.  This is the one day you get to be selfish and assertive.  Now, selfish and assertive doesn't mean it's okay to be a total bridezilla breathing fire, but it's okay to be firm and direct.  If something is happening, or not happening, don't hesitate to say something if it's bothering you.  You may avoid saying something at the time to "keep the peace," but remember, you don't want to regret this later.  

6.  A Bridal Party That Is Too Large!

The best advice anyone can give you when it comes to your bridal party is, don't choose anyone out of obligation!  And as we can see from our 2015 brides, be very cautious about having a bridal party that is too large.  

Your ideal bridal party should be 100% supportive and 100% reliable.  Unfortunately, a lot of bridal parties are filled with nightmarish drama!  This not only adds stress to your day, but you don't need a bridal party with jealously issues, personality conflicts, etc.  

7.  Having A Guest List That's Too Large!

On average, your wedding venue will cost between $100 - $120 per person, and maybe more.  That means every for every 10 guests you can "cut" from your list, it will save you a minimum of $1,000!!  That's a significant savings!  

Begin your guest list by dividing it into two categories - "Must Invite" and "Possible Invite."  This will allow you to determine your potential total number and whether or not you will be able to extend additional invites.  

8.     Get Vendor Details In Writing!

If you're working with wedding vendors/professionals without a contract you're really opening yourself to a lot of trouble.  I can't stress enough - Never work with a vendor without a contract.  Contracts are necessary and they exist to make sure the interests of all parties are protected.  

Every vendor you work with should provide you with a contract that outlines the price you're paying along with all details included in the package you've purchased.  They should voluntarily provide you with this information, but if they don't, make sure you request it immediately.  It's just way too risky to work without a contract or proof of your purchase.  

We really hope you find something in this article that resonates with you and helps you with your wedding.  We really don't want to see couples regretting their weddings - this is such a special day.  If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact us anytime!


Do you know someone who had a bad wedding experience?  What happened?