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What Are Your Memories Worth To You?

Budget Wedding Photography

By Jeffrey House Photography



"I want a great, but affordable wedding photographer."

What is affordable or budget wedding photography?  They are common sentiments expressed by many brides and grooms, but, what defines affordable?  The thought process certainly makes sense because we all want the best quality for the cheapest price, but it's very subjective.  

What does a great photographer look like?  The definition and expectations of a great photographer will be different for every couple.  And, again, what defines "affordable?"  $3,000 is affordable to one couple and outrageous to another.  

It's very easy to make decisions for your wedding you'll later regret.  It's not a coincidence that over 80% of couples regret how they planned their wedding and 85% regret the photographer they chose.  This is likely the first time you've planned a wedding and it can be overwhelming, to say the least.  If you're like most couples, you're not sure how to make a wedding budget and you feel bombarded by all the wedding expenses.  You make decisions more out of fear and panic, rather than reason.  

Seeing The Big Picture

In the heat of the moment, it's easy to lose sight of the significance and value of your wedding photography.  Many couples find themselves in this situation and they hire a "cheap" photographer.  They convince themselves it will be "good enough."

This seemingly innocent decision winds up haunting couples.  

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”
— Unknown

When couples receive their photos, they are heartbroken to discover the important details and moments that were missed, the number of low quality photos, and the terrible editing of their memories.  Without fail, every year thousands of couples reflect on their wedding with disdain.  It's the reason I work so hard to produce resources in an effort to help couples avoid repeating the same mistakes.  

“I see your wedding now, the way you will see it when it’s over.”
— Jeffrey House

I recently read an interesting article by another wedding photographer - Traci Windel.  The article discussed the importance of your wedding photos and it really helped to put the significance of your wedding photos into perspective.  

Traci remarks how the loss of someone you love is a powerful reminder of just how valuable wedding photographs really are.  As Traci was preparing to write this article, her Uncle passed away unexpectedly.  Traci and her family decided to make a photo slideshow in honor of her Uncle.  Many of the photographs used in the slideshow were from her uncle's wedding 61 years ago.  These old wedding photos had a huge impact on Traci because of what they represented - how they reinforced her passion for wedding photography, and they helped her to clearly see the immense responsibility that comes with being a wedding photographer.  

As professional wedding photographers, we aren't simply providing you with pictures of your wedding.  We are providing you with a lifetime of memories.  These memories represent your love, the story of your journey, and the history of your family.  These memories will eventually be shared and cherished by your children and grandchildren.  

Creating lifetime memories for you is a huge inspiration behind my wedding photography.  Knowing you will be able to enjoy these moments in time forever is extremely rewarding.  It feels amazing to be able to give someone something with such meaning.  

Missing The Relevance

When I hear someone say, "wedding photography is too expensive," I simply smile because I know they haven't seen the "big picture" yet. I only hope they find their way before it's too late.  The love, the romance, and the memories shared on a wedding day are once-in-a-lifetime moments.  Once they're gone, they're gone forever - they can't ever be recreated.  

We live in a world that's fast paced and every changing.  It's essential we all take the time to capture, document, and preserve these precious moments.  

When you get that USB of your wedding photos, don't set it aside thinking you'll eventually get around to printing them.  Print them today! You don't have to print every single photo, but print out your favorites and proudly display them on the walls of your home.  Be sure to display one or two in your bedroom - imagine waking up every morning to a reminder of one of the best days of your life!

We Find A Way

Most everyone has to adhere to a budget when it comes to planning their wedding.  A lot of couples will say they have very restricted budgets, but they find a way to invest in the details that matter most to them.  In fact, we all do that as consumers.  If your wedding photos are the least bit important to you, you owe it to yourself to invest in your wedding photography.  I see couples everyday living with the regret of having no memories and I don't wish that on anyone.  

You want a great photographer.  Professional wedding photographers know how to capture the emotional and heartfelt moments that pass us by in an instant.  While wedding photography may not be the most important detail to you, it's likely near the top of your list.  Great photographers have amazing personalities that harmonize really well with yours.  They take the time to understand you, your needs, and your vision.  They play a vital role in the success of your wedding.  They will make you, and your wedding guests. feel special and completely at ease.  They will be personable, friendly, trustworthy, genuine, and professional.

You want an affordable photographer.  If someone told you right now, for $0.20 a day, they would give you a lifetime of amazing memories, would you grab it with both hands and never let it go?  

Investing $3,000 into a quality wedding photographer will ensure this happens.  

What are your memories worth to you?


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