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Century House Latham NY

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Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make!

We can be a great resource for couples when it comes to their weddings and one of our favorite locations is the Century House in Latham, NY.  Even though we specialize in wedding photography, the resources we have available to us is extensive!  Our blog is full of great and practical articles with information couples can actually use for their weddings!   

We have a great article for you this week!  I recently sat down with Leslie, the Director of Weddings, at the Century House in Latham, NY, to discuss weddings at the Century House. Along the way, Leslie also provides some great tips for couples searching for a wedding venue. Let's not wait another minute to see what Leslie has to say!

1.  Leslie, the Century House is a well known restaurant/hotel in the area, but how long has the Century House been providing wedding services?

The Century House was originally established in 1949 and we began offering wedding services in 1975!  We've been doing this for almost 41 years!  

2.  In addition to your wedding services, what are other services might couples be interested in?

We offer a wide array of services that include baby showers, anniversaries, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.  Anyone interested in services such as these should contact us to experience the Century House first-hand.  

3.  What can or should couples expect when they arrive at the Century House to inquire about your wedding services?

When couples first arrive they will be greeted by Marge.  She will give couples a full tour of the Century House property, discuss our different wedding packages and pricing options, and she will review our wedding contract.  Marge has 35 years of experience and couples love her!

Once couples have the initial meeting with Marge and are ready to move forward with the actual planning phase, they will be introduced to myself, Leslie.  I will work hand-in-hand with couples planning their wedding ceremony and reception, ensuring every detail is perfect!

4.  How would you describe weddings at the Century House using one or two word phrases?

Professional, unique, fun, beautiful, highly enjoyable, and above-average.  

5.  What do you think is one of the most unique aspects of your weddings?

We are a one-stop shop!  You can have your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and even book your hotel room with us!  You can practically move in to the Century House for the weekend!  

6.  How many different wedding packages are available to couples?

The Century House offer several wedding packages, however, most of our wedding packages are custom.  Every couple's wedding is different and every couple has different needs.  By customizing packages for couples we can really ensure they have a great "experience."

7.  What are some of the features available to couples?   

Every couple will have a personal, expert wedding planner to help guide them in planning their special day.  We offer floor length linens with a variety of colored napkins, honeymoon suites with complimentary Champagne, Champagne station to welcome your guests, sushi stations, martini bar with Martini glass luge ice sculpture, carving station, and a stir fry or pasta station.  

Couples will have plenty of options to choose from and their wedding day will be amazing!

8.  How many options are available for couples looking to have their ceremony and reception at the Century House?

We have at least 5 areas for hosting your ceremony and another 5 areas areas for your reception.  Depending on the size of your wedding, some options may work better than others, but we have a solution for any size wedding!

9.  Are couples allowed to bring in their own decorations?

Absolutely!  While the Century House includes some decorations as part of the package, couples can certainly feel free to use their own decorations to personalize their event.  

10.  Do your wedding packages include centerpieces and/or a wedding cake?

Yes, most of our wedding packages include centerpieces and a wedding cake.  Couples really appreciate this because it's a few less details they have to worry about when it comes to their wedding planning.  

11.  How soon in advance should couples book the Century House?

Good question - this is important information.  We recommend couples look to book with us 12-18 months in advance.  We have already started booking weddings for October 2017!  

12.  Is there any discount or advantage for couples looking to reserve a Friday or Sunday wedding?

Couples should certainly inquire about our Friday and Sunday wedding options.  At times we are able to extend discounted pricing on these days, especially for weddings during the "off-season" months.  

13.  What do you think it is about the Century House that distinguishes it from other wedding venues?

We have been hosting weddings for almost 41 years and we have a tremendous reputation!  We deliver great service, great food, we are in a great location, and as I previously mentioned we are a "one-stop shop!"  We often say couples can practically "move in" for their weddings.  We can host their rehearsal dinner, their ceremony, their reception, and even book them a hotel room.  They never have to leave the property!  

We are centrally located between Albany and Saratoga Springs, and located minutes from Interstate 87.  Couples can easily access the local attractions - like the historic Saratoga Springs Racecourse - while also being able to escape the hustle and bustle.  

14.  Is there a common mistake you see couples make when it comes to booking/choosing their wedding venue?

In my experience, I tend to see couples make a couple common mistakes.  They either book their venue too quickly or they wait too long.  The wedding venue is generally the largest investment a couple will make for their wedding and many times the look, and feel of their weddings are built around the venue.  

Definitely do not wait too long to book your wedding.  This could result in not being able to book a particular venue, it may result in couples having to change their wedding date, and in some cases even the time of year they want to get married.  

While it's a good idea to book your venue 12-18 months in advance, couples will want to be sure to develop their guest list before they begin researching venues.  While their guest list doesn't need to be exact or written in stone, they should at least have a "ball park" guest count.  This will be very valuable in their venue search.    

15.  What's the best advice you can give couples searching for a venue?

Again, couples should first develop a decent guest list.  Before visiting possible wedding venues, determine what you really want for your wedding - what kind of feel, what kind of theme, do you want outdoors or indoors, etc.  Couples should at least know the time of year they would like to get married too.  This can certainly have an impact on pricing and availability.  

16.  Is there anything else you would like to share about the Century House?

Yes!  We have a wonderful program called "Enjoy One, Share One!"

The Century House has partnered with the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York to provide much-needed meals to those in need in our community.  Every entrée served anywhere in the Century House, whether it be in the restaurant, tavern or banquet space, one will be provided to someone in need through the Regional Food Bank.  We have recently expanded the effort to include a meal for each occupied hotel room as well!  To date, over 600,000 people have been served!  


The Century House | Enjoy One, Share One | Latham, NY

I would like to take a moment to thank Leslie at the Century House for taking the time to sit down with us and share a lot of great information about Century House weddings!  

I would also like include some additional thoughts.  We have photographed many weddings at the Century House and it's definitely one of our favorite locations to photograph a wedding.

Century House weddings are first-class events and the staff is always amazing!  They are friendly, professional, and extremely helpful.  They work very well with your wedding professionals ensuring every one is on the same page.    

Speaking from our perspective as wedding photographers, there are many great areas on the property to make beautiful photographs!  We are never at a loss for sensational photo opportunities.  

We thank you for checking out our article featuring the Century House Hotel & Restaurant.  To learn even more about the Century House contact them today by email at or click on the button below to visit their website!