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Your Wedding Is Not Timeless

Classic Wedding Ideas

By Jeffrey House Photography


Your wedding is not timeless.

I recently came across an article on that claims "there is no such thing as a timeless wedding."

While I believe it's always important consider and respect another perspective, I have to honestly say that I disagree with this notion.  There are plenty of ways to make your wedding timeless and in this article, we are going to give you some classic wedding ideas.

Should You Follow Your Heart?

Shouldn't you have the wedding you want?  Should you follow your heart even if it means having a wedding that's a little offbeat?  

I'm not here to tell you which way is the right way.  That's very subjective and ultimately, every couple needs to decide what's right for their wedding.  

But, I am here to say that your wedding can be timeless, and there are some thoughts and other perspectives to consider before making any decisions.  


Consider The Investment  

Most couples tend to underestimate the costs associated with having a wedding, especially wedding photography.

So, my question is this.  Do yo want to invest $3,000, $6,000, $10,000 or more on photographs that will look dated in just a couple of years?  Photographs that will likely get packed away and rarely, if ever, enjoyed again?

One of the things that I love most about wedding photography, and photography in general, is the ability to appreciate photographs forever.  In many ways, photographs are like their own little time capsule.  

Wedding photographs are an investment and I don't see any reason why your wedding pictures can't stand the test of time.  These keepsakes can be framed and displayed in your home, enjoyed each year as you celebrate another anniversary, and eventually shared with the future generations of your family.  


The image below is a great example of a timeless image.  I think it demonstrates a simple, classic elegance that's eternal.


Sure, wedding styles change over the years, so there will always be elements of a wedding that look dated.  Maybe it's the colors you chose or the style of your centerpieces or some other detail you included.  

But these pictures typically aren't the images being displayed on the walls of your home.  The photographs being displayed are the creative images of you and your partner, and maybe some of the sentimental family images.  I truly believe in my heart these images can be timeless and treasured forever.  They can grace the walls of your home and still look ageless and elegant.  


Does Your Wedding Dress Scream Trendy Or Classic?

Your wedding dress is one of the details playing a significant role in whether your photographs look trendy or timeless.

But choosing a wedding dress is not as simple as picking something off the rack.  When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, it's critical to select a silhouette that compliments your body type.  This doesn't always lead to a "classic" look, but these are details to discuss with your wedding dress consultant.    

If you choose a style that's trendy, obviously this is going to "date" your photographs, but if you select a more classic style it's going to withstand the erosion of time.  There are no shortage of options when it comes to wedding dresses, so give yourself plenty of time to find the dress that not only compliments your body shape, but also supports the look you want to achieve.    


The image below has been posted using two different effects.  In my opinion, the color image has a much more modern feel, but when we put the image through an advanced processing, and add a little "film grain" to it, the image looks like it could have been taken in the 1940's - especially with the groom wearing a naval uniform.  Not every couple will necessarily prefer the advanced processed image, but I think it demonstrates how a more classic image can span time periods.   

Your Can Have Timeless Wedding Photographs

When we photograph a wedding, we're always striving to create imagery that will stand the test of time.  We want our clients to look back at their wedding photographs 30 years from now with a fondness.  Memories from one of the greatest days in their life.  

We've all engaged in trendy styles and have looked back in disbelief.  Growing up in the 80's, I clearly remember some of the trendy styles.  I remember looking back, even in the 90's, and thinking to myself, "sweet Jesus, what was I doing?"

I would hate to think any of our clients would experience these feelings when it comes to their wedding.  Weddings are deeply significant and meaningful moments, and the photographs allow you to share your story.  

Photographs made a strong impression on me, even at a young age.  They can communicate powerful messages and yet, they never say a word.  Old family photos remind me of this.  A single picture can almost return you to a moment in time and you remember the strangest details - smells, conversations, the sound of a voice, a specific feeling, etc.  

Your wedding photographs are no different.


What Do You Think?  Should Brides Go Trendy or Stick To Something Classic?  We'd love to hear what you have to say!