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What Do 30% Of Engaged Couples Have In Common?

Cost Of A Wedding

By Jeffrey House Photography


According to an article by Fox News, 30% of engaged couples over the past 2 years had to delay getting married for financial reasons.  

Weddings are expensive.  They are large celebrations that generally involve quality food, top shelf alcohol, and elegant details.  While weddings are a common ritual, they are also a luxury.  Technically, you could be married by the Justice of the Peace for a nominal fee and skip the elaborate wedding venue, and extravagant details.  But, most couples want to share this amazing life experience with family and friends.  

Even before I started photographing weddings, I loved them.  Dedicating your life to another person for the rest of your life is a big deal.  I understand why some couples don't want a formal celebration and that's perfectly fine.  Personally, I love it when couples  want to have a formal wedding celebration.  Life can be very difficult and we need to embrace those unique and special moments that come along - weddings, the birth of a child, buying a new home, etc.  These are moments to be cherished and savored.  

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why are weddings so expensive?

There are many reasons wedding expenses can quickly get out of control, but most couples struggle with knowing how or where they can save money.  If you're like most couples, you probably haven't planned a wedding before; therefore, you can't know what you don't know. 

What are some of the biggest reasons weddings are so expensive?

Guest List

Most couples have a guest list that is too large.  On average, it's going to cost you $200 per person, if not more, for each guest in attendance.  If you can reduce your guest list by even 5 people, you will save thousands of dollars.

5 x $200 = $1,000!  But, it doesn't stope there.  It's less favors, table settings, centerpieces, invitations, reply cards, thank you cards, etc.  When all is said and done, you could easily save $2,000.  This is why most couples regret having a wedding that was too large.

Wedding/Bridal Party

A new trend in weddings is not having a wedding party.  By not having a bridal party you avoid hurt feelings from those that weren't asked, you eliminate bridal party drama and frustration, and you save money because you don't have to purchase those thank you for being part of my wedding party gifts.  This is another detail most couples regret and they wish they had smaller wedding parties.


There is one major reason why wedding expenses have increased significantly.  


Weddings are becoming more and more personalized and personalization can increase expenses significantly!  Take wedding rings for example.  10 years ago, 20% of couples personalized their wedding rings.  Now, 61% of couples personalize their rings.  While this is generally a more affordable type of personalization, it reflects the current trends.  More and more couples are personalizing their weddings from beginning to end and it's causing wedding expenses to go through the roof.    

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what are the answers?

If you're one of those couples struggling with the financing of your wedding, don't assume you need to wait another 2-3 years before getting married.  There are many aspects you need to consider first - guest list, wedding party, personalization, time of year you get married, etc. 

There are tons of ways to spend a lot of money on your wedding, but there are just as many ways to save money too!  To help you get started, I want to give you my free wedding planning guide!   Download your free copy today and discover quick and easy ways to save money on your wedding, while still having a wedding you adore!

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