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First Look Wedding And 3 Reasons To Have One

First Look Wedding

By Jeffrey House Photography



What Is A First Look?

A wedding first look can be one of the most emotional moments at a wedding.  Seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day can evoke feelings you never expected.    

We have a lot of couples ask us, "what is a first look?"  So, rather than assume you already know what it is, let's take a quick second to define it.  The first look is simply the first time you and your partner see one another on the wedding day.  Traditionally speaking, this occurs as the groom stands at the top of the aisle and the bride begins her walk down to meet him.  

The first look is regarded as one of the most significant moments of the day.

Is It Still A Surprise?

This is where you rely on your wedding photographer to help you arrange the first look.  In the end, we still want a moment that retains the surprise and sentiment moments.  It's essential to understand we're not staging the moment, but rather setting the stage for the moment to happen.  Without sharing all of our secrets, we have many ways to help you in achieving a perfect first look.  The coordination of your first look will take into account several details, especially the location.  

The 3 Reasons To Have A First Look At Your Wedding

Now that we understand what a first look is and that we have options, let's plunge deeper into the reasons you need to have a pre-ceremony first look!

1.  Intimacy

The first look is often an emotional moment.  Many people are uncomfortable showing their emotion, especially in public settings.  Weddings are hectic and run on a fairly strict time schedules.  You go right from the first look into the ceremony to the vows, ring exchange, etc.  Before you know it you're leaving the reception exhausted.  A pre-ceremony fist look will allow you to take a moment to connect with one another.  Obviously, we will take pictures of your first look unfolding, but after that the couple can spend a few minutes alone, enjoying the moment.  No pictures, no people, no distractions.  The only people who should be present at the first look is you, your future spouse, your photographer, and possibly the maid-of-honor.  By limiting the people present we are retaining the intimate feel and we are reducing the risk of the surprise factor being compromised.  

2.  Pictures

Having a pre-ceremony first look allows us some unique opportunities because we can have it at any location.  We are not restricted to just the site of your ceremony and/or reception.  It also provides us with ample time to focus on pictures of just the two of you.  These are typically the couples favorite photographs!  And because we are able to capture a lot of pictures of just the two of you, that leads us to reason number 3!

3.  More Time For Fun

Following a traditional wedding ceremony your photographer will take the formal family pictures, bridal party pictures, bride and groom pictures, etc.  This process will usually take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  However, with a pre-ceremony first look we already have a good portion of the pictures completed; therefore, we are going to significantly lessen the time required to do pictures following the ceremony.  What does that mean for you?  More time to eat, drink, and mingle with your guests!  More time enjoying your party!


What Are The Downsides?

Based on our experience, there really only tends to be one downside for couples - Tradition.  But, this is only a downside if you're comprmising your true feelings.  Couples will stick with the traditional ceremony first look because of pressure, whether real or self perceived, to please their parents.  The pre-ceremony first look is a relatively new trend in the wedding industry; therefore, certain generations will not necessarily understand or agree with straying from tradition.  

These situations and these feelings can be a bit tricky, but ultimately this is your wedding day.  A pre-ceremony first look is still going have the element of surprise, it's going to be more intimate, and it's going to allow plenty of time to create beautiful wedding photographs that you will cherish forever!  And, of course, let's not forget the additional time you will have to celebrate with family and friends!

What do you think - Is a first look right for your wedding?  Share Your Comments With Us!