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4 Reasons To Hire A Photographer For Your Engagement Proposal

Hire A Photographer For Proposal

By Jeffrey House Photography



You bought the engagement ring.

For weeks you have been stressing over the perfect marriage proposal and have been searching the internet for marriage proposal ideas.  You don't want to disappoint her and you want it to be special.  This is a big moment.  

Do you take her to the place you had your first date and pop the question?  Of maybe you take her to the spot where you first said, "I love you."  Perhaps you already have a location in mind for your future engagement session - proposing to her here would certainly make your engagement session even more special.

As a Wedding Photographer, I can assure you that if you hire a photographer to photograph the proposal she will be blown away!

Your Story Begins With The Proposal

You've been dating for a while and now you're about to take the next step - the engagement.  You've spent the past several weeks researching and picking out the perfect ring.

You imagine that very moment when you get down on one knee and ask her for her hand in marriage.  This moment is the beginning of your story together!

Life's Sensational Moments

Life has many moments - some sad, some happy, but there are those rare moments that are truly sensational.  Getting engaged, getting married, the birth of a child, etc.  These are the moments we cherish and these are the moments that tell our stories.  

In this article we are going to share the 4 reasons why you must have your marriage proposal professionally photographed!  

I can assure you that the marriage proposal is a big deal - all her family and friends are going to ask how you proposed to her!

1.  Your Personal Proposal Consultant

Having a professional photographer is like having a personal consultant.  We are around engagements and weddings all the time, so we are very familiar with the logistics.  We also understand and appreciate the significance of the moment.  A professional photographer can help you with organizing your thoughts and ideas, so you can bring them to life.  

It's important to understand we aren't talking about creating a "phony" moment in which everyone is acting out their emotions.  We are simply talking about setting the stage for the moment to unfold naturally!

2.  It's The Beginning Of Your Story

A lot of couples have their engagement session and wedding professionally photographed.  When everything is said and done, and you look back at these pictures, you will appreciate how they share your story.  A great way to add another layer of sentiment is to photograph you marriage proposal.  This is a very emotional moment and having pictures of it will tell the whole story!  

3.  Because SHE Would Want You To!

We can talk all day about how special it is to photograph your marriage proposal, but #3 is might be the single most important reason to photograph your proposal - because she would want you to.  As we have already discussed, photographing your proposal is a great way to share your entire story, but it's also very thoughtful and romantic.  She will definitely appreciate, more than you can imagine, that you took the time to make this moment so meaningful.  

4.  25 Years From Now She Will Still Be Thankful

We already know how much she will appreciate you taking the time to make the marriage proposal so special.  Having pictures of it is going to touch her heart.  I know it's difficult, but try to imagine your 25th wedding anniversary - you probably haven't looked at your wedding pictures in a while, but what a great time to reflect back to the beginning of your story.  She will be just as thankful and just as appreciative 25 years from now, as she was on the day of your proposal.  This is part of the reason why I love photography so much - 25 years from now you these pictures will evoke the emotions you felt on that special day.  It will make you feel like it happened yesterday.

What do you think about hiring a photographer for your proposal?  Do you think your future spouse would love it?