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Have Wedding Details Become More Important Than Moments

Hot Wedding Trends

By Jeffrey House Photography


There are many people within the wedding industry that believe wedding photography has changed dramatically!

But not for the better.

It appears that couples, and many newer wedding photographers, have been lead to believe that "detail shots" are more important than the "moments."  Or maybe this movement is just hot wedding trends found in wedding photography today.  

We're interested to hear what you think.  We are going to take a look at why the details have become so prominent in current wedding photography and try to determine if moments have become less important.  

Is There A Motive Behind The Details?

For many wedding photographers, the thought of getting published in a magazine guides their every action.  What photographer wouldn't love to have their work featured in the media?  It's exciting and an honor.  It often means more couples want to hire you for their wedding because you must be awesome if your work is being published, right?  Right?

So, what does it take to get published?

Detail shots.

The photographers that are chosen to be featured in these magazines are generally selected because they have a wide array  of detail shots.  Most of these magazines thrive on the detail shots because of their inspirational value.  

However, if the truth be told, many of these photographers creating these beautiful  detail shots aren't very adept at photographing people or capturing heartfelt moments.  They miss the moment that grandma, who's been immobile for years, suddenly gets up and makes her way to the dance floor.  Meanwhile, the photographer is in the corner creating art out of a napkin.  

I'm obviously being a little funny in how I'm depicting it for you, but there's a lot a truth in my embellishment.  

I guest the question becomes - are some photographers photographing weddings for their own self gain?  Is wedding photography losing the story telling quality that can evoke deep emotions within us?  

The Pinterest Inspiration

Pinterest, and websites like it, have become wonderful resources for couples to find inspiration. You can find all sorts of creative details and unique ways to personalize your wedding.

But many believe these "inspirational sites" are decaying the true meaning behind wedding photography.  They feel it's causing couples, and newer wedding photographers, to believe weddings are all about the details.  That the moments shared between a couple or a bride and her father are somehow no longer desired or valued.  

When we consider that 82% of couples regret how they planned their wedding, we can't ignore that something has gone or is going awry.  Most couples regret how they planned their wedding because they admittedly didn't invest enough money into the "emotional factors."  They specifically cited wedding photography and videography as being their most regretted issues.  It wasn't until after their wedding, that they realized how important it is to have this day properly documented.   

Many couples look back and wished they had a smaller guest list or less extravagant details. They made sacrifices to their weddings that ultimately caused them a lot of heartache.

Which Is More Important?

Simply defined, a wedding is a celebration of two people uniting in marriage.

It's a story and there are many chapters that make up the story.  But the eminence occurs when a couple vows their love to one another for the rest of their lives.  It's truly the ultimate commitment.  

I don't think It's about assigning importance because both are very important in their own right. However, I do believe that the moments are the driving force behind weddings.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I absolutely adore photographing the details of a wedding and I will shoot the hell out of them.  It's definitely one of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding.  

But the main characters - the people - will supply the once in a lifetime moments.

The supporting cast - the details - will accentuate the moments.


So, I ask you to share your thoughts - Do you feel the details are more important than the moments?  Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!