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Insider Secret: 1 Reason Why EVERY Couple Needs Posing

How To Look Beautiful In Photos

By Jeffrey House Photography


Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought, "Oh my God, that's what I look like?"

Believe me, you're not alone.  That's what most of us think, but let's be honest.  All of us are our own worst critics.  How do you feel when you hear the sound of your voice?  You probably think, "Oh my God, that's what I sound like?"  

I've never photographed a wedding where the couple doesn't care about how they look in their pictures.  Everyone wants to know how to look beautiful in photos.  The photographs from your wedding are memories that will last a lifetime.  You don't want to hate them because your photographer didn't know how to create flattering images.  In this article, I'm going to show you 1 reason why every couple needs "posing."  

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IT's such a dirty word

The word "posing" has become a dirty word.  The minute most couples hear the word posing, they make a face that resembles the smell of dirty feet.  That's because the word posing has become synonymous with fake, stiff, unnatural, cliché, etc.  How many of you hear the word "pose" and imaging photos like this.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Do any of these photos seem like the treasured memories you'd want to cherish for a lifetime?    

Without question, bad posing will result in bad photos.  You could have a $200,000 wedding set in one of the beautiful locations in the world.  If your photographer sucks as posing, your pictures will suck too.  This is part of the reason why hiring the right photographer for your wedding is so critical. 

When posing is done properly, it will be difficult to determine whether the subjects were strategically placed in that pose or whether it happened naturally.  Nearly 80% of photographers fear posing and they admit it's the number 1 cause of their headaches.  They generally use 4-5 standard poses for every wedding they photograph.  Is that what you want for your wedding?  The same 4-5 poses that 100 weddings before you had?  

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The #1 reason every couple needs "posing"

I'll be honest, I don't even really like using the word "pose" because it comes with such strong negative connotations.  Whenever possible, I will use words like "guiding" or "adjusting" because they more accurately describe my posing philosophy.  

Posing is not about twisting and bending you like a mannequin.  We aren't preparing you for the next window display at Macy's.  Great posing is about a few key principles and subtle tweaks to produce the most flattering image possible.  This leads us to the 1 and only reason every couple needs posing.

1.  every couple wants to look beautiful in their engagement and wedding photos!

When it comes to getting married, most couples share a lot of the same fears.  They worry about having nice weather, guest showing up, tripping and falling in front of everyone, etc.  But one of the biggest fears every couple has is looking beautiful in their photos.  Couples want a photographer that will capture flattering, creative, and unique photographs.  However, while all couples want amazing photos, some hate posing.  I can appreciate their feelings, but unfortunately, you can't have one without the other.  If anyone tries to tell you differently, they just aren't being truthful.  

Unless you have extensive modeling experience, it's very unlikely you'll know what to do with your body to produce flattering images.  That's okay, I certainly don't expect you to know this and that's why I've spent countless hours studying the art of posing.  

I want you do me a simple favor.

I want you to erase all of the negative thoughts  and assumptions you have when it comes to posing, and keep an open mind.  You're going to love how you look!

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the biggest misconceptions about posing

You Have To Be A Model To Pose Well

It's easy to believe you need to be a model to pose well, but it's not the case.  While professional models spend years perfecting their craft, you only need a fraction of their knowledge to pose well.  If you're worried about your photographer's posing skills, I would recommend checking out a book by world famous wedding photographer, Roberto Valenzuela, title "Picture Perfect Posing."  This book will give you a convenient reference to posing.  It's written primarily with photographers in mind, but it's also designed for models and anyone looking to learn the keys to beautiful posing.  You can get your copy on Amazon!

Posing Always Looks Fake

Bad posing always looks fake.  Again, I want you to erase all of the negative thoughts and feelings you associate with posing, and I want you to embrace it with an open mind.  I want to stress, when we say the word pose or posing, we aren't talking about a "hands-on" approach that results in overly staged and unrealistic photographs.  We are talking about subtle gestures that will add to the authenticity and beauty of your photos.  

how-to-look-beautiful-in-photos | jeffrey-house-photography

"Real" Photographers Don't Use Posing

This is definitely a big misconception.  All of the top wedding photographers in the world pose their couples.  There are wedding photographers out there that will tell posing isn't necessary.  They refer to themselves as "wedding photojournalists."  A wedding photojournalist, by definition, photographs weddings without giving a single direction to anyone.  They simply stand in the shadows and photograph what's happening in front of them.

In my humble opinion, I believe there are many parts of a wedding day that should be photographed using a photojournalistic approach - your ceremony for example.  However, there are times when moving you to a more flattering light or guiding you into a more flattering pose is necessary too.  You've hired your photographer to capture the most beautiful photos possible, and that's what we intend to do.  Unfortunately, weddings are dictated by very strict timelines.  Wedding photographers don't have the luxury of waiting, and hoping, their clients will find a good pose or naturally move to the better light.  We need to be mindful of the time constraints and methodically produce the most complimentary, and aesthetically pleasing photographs.

how-to-look-beautiful-in-photographs | jeffrey-house-photography

Let's take a look at the images above to better understand "posing" and what goes through a photographers mind when making an image.

The image on the left is Courtesy of Google images and the image on the right is from a wedding I recently photographed.  I don't know who took the photo on the left and this isn't designed to pick part anyones work.  If you look hard enough, practically every photograph has a flaw somewhere.  

Let's start with the photo on the left.  In this photo, the first thing that comes to mind is "disconnected" - the photo doesn't really make any sense.  This is newly married couple on their wedding day.  Why is the groom behind the bride peeking at her through the tree branches?  Also, the lighting on the groom is non-existent; therefore, the darkness of the groom only adds to the creepy stalker feel.  I don't mind the bride's pose, but I don't like it in the context of this image.  It would work much better if this was a photo of just the bride with a few simple tweaks to the location and her facial expression.  For example, if we placed the bride against a more elegant backdrop and had her use a more serious expression, the photo would deliver a more mysterious and intriguing feel.  

Let's move to the photo on the right that I recently captured.  This is referred to a "him behind her" pose.  With these types of poses, it's imperative the photographer pays attention to the body of the person in the back (in this case, the groom).  Too often, the person in the back is tucked too far behind the person in front and the photo lacks balance.  In this photo, there is a great balance between body showing on the bride and groom.  If had move the groom further left, the photo would have suffered.  

If I had to do this photo over again, the only thing I would try to change are the hands on the left.  I would want to the see the grooms hand flat on the brides hip with her hand flat on top of his.  When fingers get tangled as in the image above, it can create a distraction.  However, with that being said, I love the natural smiles of the bride and groom, and I'm willing to sacrifice the "hand" issue to avoid ruining the moment.  

what's your photographer's posing philosophy?

Hiring a photographer for your engagement and wedding photos is an important decision.  Of course you want a photographer that is going to make photographs that are flattering and make you look amazing.  Don't be afraid to explore their posing philosophy with them.  You will probably be much happier with your experience if you avoid hiring a photographer that completely avoids posing or a photographer that poses everything!  

what are your thoughts when it comes to posing?  



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