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Do You Only Photograph Weddings?

Photographer Albany NY

By Jeffrey House Photography


As a photographer in Albany, NY, I'm often asked, "Do you only photograph weddings?"

The short and sweet answer to that - no.

Engagement and wedding photography is my specialty and my priority, but I'm also involved in portraiture (family photos, seniors, babies, etc.) and non-wedding events.  In todays article, I want to share information with you about my stock and fine are photography as well.

Christman Sanctuary, NY

Christman Sanctuary, NY

what is stock photography?

Most people have heard of websites such as; Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, etc.  These websites sell high-quality photos to different people and organizations to generally use in their blog articles, marketing efforts, etc.  They purchase your photos through these sites and in return, you're paid a percentage of the purchase.  

what is fine art photography?

By definition, fine art photography is, "Creating images that evoke emotion by photographic process in which one's mind is imagination is freely, but competently exercised."  

For me, fine art photography is what I consider a personal project.  I photograph waterscapes, landscapes, etc.  These projects are relaxing and create stunning images.  It's my opportunity to be with my thoughts and create photographs.  In turn, rather than letting these beautiful images sit on a computer, I sell them through these stock agencies I mentioned earlier.  They are also available for sale on my website for people to display in their homes or use on a commercial project.  

Here are some of my favorite recent images.  I hope you enjoy!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the other photography that inspires me and drives my passion.  If you have any questions about my work please feel free to CONTACT ME anytime!


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