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5 Reasons Your Wedding Photographs Are Powerful!

Significance Of Wedding Photography

By Jeffrey House Photography


A photograph can make you smile, laugh, and bring you to tears.

Without using even a single word, a photos ability to communicate is astonishing.  In this article we are going to give you 5 reasons your wedding photographs are powerful!  

Many years ago, I knew of a couple in which the husband suddenly passed away shortly after their marriage and the birth of their first child.  The wife made a photo collage for their daughter which consisted mostly of photos from their wedding.  She also used a handful of images from past vacations and family events.  These photos were the only connection their daughter had to her father.  

This little girl is now 32.  If you don't believe your wedding photos aren't that important, wait until it's all you have left.  

1.  Connections

Photographs connect us.  They capture and document moments in time and create memories that last a lifetime.  These memories tell our stories, share our family history, and allow us to understand the evolution of our families.  Children connect more to their parents by learning about their story.  Photos can even introduce us to past family members that are no longer with us.

Photos can even connect us to the outside world - People we've never known or will ever meet.  It makes me think about those incredibly moving images from 9/11, when photographers captured complete strangers helping one another.  We didn't know these people and yet, we imagined and formed stories about them in our minds.

2.  Memories

Memories can create a powerful experience.  Many of our memories exist only in our mind.  We are able to remember events, but time often erodes the feelings associated with it.  But memories that live in a photograph create a more vivid feeling.  We can suddenly recall the event in more detail - We might even recall a specific smell or what we were feeling at that moment in time.  

Photographs help us remember those we've lost, weddings, birthdays, graduations, the birth of our children, etc.  They allow us to remember the important moments from our lives in a more meaningful way.  

3.  Emotional Experience

Photographs are often the only thing we have to remember something or someone.  Many times, it's a single image keeping a memory alive.  We treasure it and can't imagine ever having to part with it.  It evokes emotions in us that we didn't know existed.  

I lost my father in 2010 to prostate cancer.  10 years or so before he died he fulfilled a dream of flying a world war II plane.  He loved planes and he loved flying.  While he wasn't a pilot, it was a passion of his.  There was company traveling the United States and they had 3 or 4 world war II planes.  They gave you some training on how to fly the plane and would then take you up and eventually let you fly it for 15-20 minutes.  They would let you do some of the basic stunts like barrel rolls, etc.  

I was going through some old papers and came across some pictures from that day.  They made me smile and they definitely brought tears to my eyes.  It's been almost 20 years since he flew that plane, but I still remember that day.  I sat there staring at the pictures and could remember the excitement in his voice as he described his experience.  I credit the photos for triggering these memories and I'm so thankful I have these pictures because they represent his dreams, and happiness.  It's a great way to remember those we love.

4.  Communication/Expression

I mentioned earlier how photos can communicate with us without using a single word.  But photos also communicate what's truly important in our lives.  It can be people, places or things.  We can express our creativity, imagination, and our passions through photos.  They let people see us from a unique perspective and they allow people to see deeper inside of us.

Photography can produce art that communicates love and compassion.  It can help ease the pain and even heal those that are sick. Photos inspire us - They create worldwide movements.  Photos can divide us and bring us back together.  

Your wedding photos will communicate the romance.  The love and genuine emotion of this monumental day.  It will capture every heartfelt smile and enchanting glance - Every smile and every tear of joy.  They will allow your wedding to have life, forever.  

5.  Appreciation

Connections, memories, emotional experiences, and expression.  We have to appreciate their significance on our lives.  Sometimes when we least expect it, a photograph will have the most impact.  Life can be challenging and difficult.  Photos capture the defining moments in our life.  Moments that will never happen again and moments that we can never recreate.  


What photos do you have that you treasure?  Can you imagine not having this moment?  Share your story - We'd love to hear it!