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3 Things You Can Learn From The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

By Jeffrey House Photography

Did you watch The Royal Wedding?

I did and more than 1 billion others did too!  Can you imagine how nervous Prince Harry and the new Dutchess of Sussex - Meghan Markle - must have felt during their wedding ceremony?  They had ton of high profile guests, thousands upon thousands of people waiting outside, and the entire event was broadcasted around the world.

I don't know about you, but I thought the entire event was pretty amazing - the cars, the castles, the chapel, the grounds, etc.  It was a photographer's dream!  Everything was so detailed and so perfect.  While 99.9% of us will never get to experience a wedding that lavish, I think we learn some important lessons from The Royal Wedding.

In this article, we are going to talk about 3 things we can learn from The Royal Wedding.  This will hopefully give you some ideas for making your wedding a truly special experience.  

Photo courtesy of Google Images and Mix 106.3

Photo courtesy of Google Images and Mix 106.3

tradition still has meaning

One word I heard a lot while watching The Royal Wedding was "tradition."  

This really stuck out to me because most couples getting married today are searching for ways to break away from tradition.  They want to avoid tradition wherever possible and make their wedding unique.

This doesn't mean your entire wedding has to be based on tradition, but it also doesn't mean you should be afraid of honoring traditions either.  Let's take The Royal Wedding for example.  Obviously, we only got to see a fraction of their wedding - the ceremony.  However, much of the ceremony was based on years and years of tradition.  Yes, they added a few personalized touches to their ceremony, but for the most part, they followed tradition.  Just because you incorporate "traditional elements," it doesn't mean they won't be unique.  Every wedding involves people with different personalities, beliefs, backgrounds, etc.  It's these details that make your wedding original.    

Photo courtesy of Google Images and Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images and Getty Images


More and more couples are searching for ways to personalize their wedding.  They want to create an experience that's truly distinctive.  However, personalization is a double-edged sword.  While it may help to create a unique wedding celebration, it often sky rockets the cost of your wedding too.  

The Royal couple incorporated personalization by brining in a Bishop from the United States to deliver a sermon.  Obviously, when it comes to The Royal Wedding, money  was no object.  So, what can we learn about personalization?

You can personalize your wedding in many different ways without blowing up your wedding budget.  The Bishop was a great example.  When choosing your officiant, you don't have to hire someone that delivers a lifeless service - choose someone that truly supports the message you want to convey and delivers it with passion!  This simple choice will make your ceremony more engaging and more memorable.  

I also found good use of personalization in Meghan Markle's wedding dress to.  When I think of a princess getting married, I imagine a very elaborate wedding dress, but her dress was understated.  It was very simply, but also very elegant.  She took the "less is more" approach.  She personalized her dress with a stunning tierra and a long, flowing, and beautiful veil.  

Personalization doesn't always require thousands of dollars to make a memorable wedding experience.  There are many ways  to engage your guests and deliver a wedding experience you will never forget!

Photo courtesy of Google and Yahoo images

Photo courtesy of Google and Yahoo images

It's your storY

If there was one message that resonated throughout The Royal Wedding, it was love!  From the Bishops powerful sermon to the adoring looks shared between Harry and Meghan.  Even with the entire world watching, true love was the focus of the day.  These seemingly simple glances were full of energy - you could feel the depth of their feelings.  

Many couples, as they plan their wedding, lose sight of what the day is really about.  They become infatuated with picking out the most beautiful exotic bloom or the the perfect linen colors.  They run around like crazy trying to create the perfect wedding.  They spend their entire wedding day in a stressful state worrying that something will go wrong. 

Planning a wedding a complex event.  There is no such thing as the "perfect wedding" and something always goes wrong.  I don't say this to be a downer, but rather set the appropriate expectations.  When your expectations are right, you can relax and enjoy the moment.  

Unfortunately, it's usually after the wedding that couples suddenly realize that none of these things really mattered all that much.  What truly mattered was the love and moments shared between them and their guests.  I've always thought weddings are like Christmas.  We spend all this time and energy trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone and in the end, it's not about the gifts.  You probably don't even remember who gave you what gift last year, but you do remember the people you were with.  

 Document.  Document.  Document.

The Royal Wedding didn't lack at all for documentation.  They had professional cameras mounted everywhere capturing the entire ceremony.  Again, while most of us won't be able to afford this elaborate set-up, hiring a professional photographer and videographer will ensure the memories and true meaning of your day live forever.  


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