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6 Reasons You MUST Purchase Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

By Jeffrey House Photography


Imagine for a moment.  

After spending $30,000 on your wedding venue, you find out they closed their doors 2 months before your big day!

Kind of makes you feel sick to your stomach, right?  Well, don't worry, I have simple way to fix it all - wedding insurance!

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Unfortunately, this nightmare was a reality for a Maryland bride.  Her father booked the venue because it was her dream location. After paying $30,000 and 2 months before the big day, they learned their wedding venue went out of business without a warning! Even though this was a disaster, there was a silver lining.  

The father-of-the-bride had purchased wedding insurance.  He purchased a policy for $355 and it covered his $30,000 loss.  While the bride lost out on her favorite wedding venue, it wasn't a total bust.  They got their $30,000 back and were able to book a great wedding venue on short notice.  If it wasn't for having insurance, the wedding would have been ruined!

what does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance covers a variety of issues that can arise.  Let's take a look at some of the most common scenarios:

  • Wedding vendors that are last minute "no-shows."
  • A last minute injury or sickness to the bride or groom
  • Your wedding venue closes unexpectedly or experiences a fire
  • Inclement weather (hurricane, blizzard, etc.)

When purchasing a policy, obviously you will want to verify the exact details and situations it covers.  Most policies have a maximum payable benefit for each situation, and usually you will have to pay some sort of dedcutible.

what do wedding insurance policies cost? 

Most wedding insurance policies cost between $150 - $600.  The amount of coverage you choose, low v. high deductibles, and the insurance company you choose will all have an effect on the overall cost.  

Whatever company you choose, it's a good idea to see reviews and experiences of past customers that had to file a claim.  Some companies may tempt you with a low policy cost, but their claim service is horrible!  You don't want to lose $30,000 on your wedding venue and have to fight for 2 years to get your claim paid.

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6 reasons you must purchase wedding insurance!

1.  Guard Against Wedding Vendors That Don't Fulfill Their Contract

This is one of the biggest reasons behind a couple's decision to purchase wedding insurance.  More and more "wedding professionals" are popping up all over the place, but they are nothing more than a scammer.  They know how important and emotional this day is for you.  They take advantage of this emotion and place you, unknowingly, in a vulnerable position.  

30% of wedding insurance claims are a result of vendors going out of business.  This is the number one reason couples make a claim.  However, wedding insurance will reimburse you to hire a "last minute vendor" or reschedule your wedding due to vendor cancellations.    

2.  Protect Yourself Against Guest Injury

Weddings are meant to be an exciting, happy, and fun occasion.  But, sometimes accidents happen or things can get a little out of control.  Liability insurance will protect you in these circumstances.

While liability is separate from the basic wedding insurance policy, you can purchase them in a bundle.  Most liability claims are a result of injuries sustained on the dance floor (28%)!  Recently, however, there has been an increase in liability claims as a result of injuries sustained from drones being used at weddings.    

There are also liability policies that can be purchased for the consumption of alcohol.  If you have a guest that drinks too much, leaves the wedding, and is involved in a motor vehicle accident, you could find yourself liable.

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3.  Inclement Weather

16% of wedding insurance claims are due to inclement weather - tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, etc.!  These policies generally don't cover you for cold, hot or windy weather, but if we are talking about catastrophic weather, that's another story.  

4.  Medical Emergency Causing Rescheduling

Medical emergency usually pertains to the bride, groom, and immediate family.  But, if someone should have a medical emergency, many policies protect you for needing to cancel and reschedule your wedding.  Without insurance, this could be an absolutely devastating experience!  

5.  Lost, Stolen or Damaged Attire

20% of insurance claims are due to lost, stolen or damaged attire.  Brides have had to file a claim because their wedding dress was stolen days before the wedding.  Maybe you're having your wedding in another state and traveling with your wedding attire.  What happens if an airline loses or damages it?  

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6.  Protect Your Investment & Have Piece of Mind

The average couple getting married is going to spend over $30,000 on their wedding.  When you consider the financial investment you'll be making and the increased number of wedding fraud cases, wedding insurance is no brainer.  On average, you will spend $300-$400 in order to protect $30,000.  

The chances for many of these situations coming to fruition may be low, but without insurance there's no recovering if they do.  Insurance, for many of us, is a difficult purchase because we can't see the benefit - it's intangible.  The benefit is peace of mind!  Weddings are stressful enough.  Having peace of mind that you're covered in the event of cancellation, injury, weather, etc. helps to make your overall wedding experience more enjoyable.  

Hopefully, you never have to experience one of these scenarios and if you don't, it can be easy to think the insurance was a waste of money.  But, God forbid something does happen, it will be the best $500 you ever spent!


Have you or someone you know had an experience with wedding insurance?  Share it with us now!


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