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6 Wedding Planning Challenges Every Bride Faces

Wedding Planning Challenges

By Jeffrey House Photography


63% of brides say they feel pressured to have the perfect wedding!

Planning a wedding is challenging enough without adding the additional pressures off achieving perfection.  Pressure can be our friend and it can be our most feared enemy.  It can be a driving force that motivates us and prevents us from procrastinating.

Unfortunately, too often it causes us to make irrational and unsound decisions.

Over 13,000 brides from 2016 were surveyed and there are 6 wedding planning challenges every bride will face.  In this article, we are going to identify these problem areas and provide you with some great tips for crushing them!

Let's first pinpoint the 6 wedding planning challenges:

  1. Determining a Budget
  2. Determining Guest Size
  3. Making Decisions
  4. Keeping Track of Expenses
  5. Knowing You're on the Right Track with Your Wedding Planning
  6. Finding Quality Wedding Vendors 

determining a budget

If you're like most couples, this is the first time you've ever planned a wedding and it's a daunting task.  The mere thought of determining a budget makes you feel anxious to say the least.

But, don't freak out on me yet.  I have a very logical and effective way of approaching developing a budget in 4 simple steps!

  1. Determine the money you and your partner currently have available to contribute to wedding expenses
  2. Determine the money you and your partner can save from now until the wedding
  3. Sit down with each set of parents to determine what they can or will contribute towards your wedding expenses
  4. Consider a small personal loan

Traditionally speaking, the bride's parents paid for or contributed towards the wedding expenses.  However, due to the price of weddings, it has become common for families to unite and share the wedding costs.  

When all is said and done, you may find you need to secure a personal loan to assist with the wedding expenses.  I can't stress enough how important it is to be cautious with the amount you borrow.  You want to avoid taking on a lot of debt.  A bank might tell you you're approved for $30,000, but that doesn't mean you need to use all $30,000.  Also, be sure to shop around to ensure you get the best repayment terms.  Even slight differences in interest rates can save you thousands! 

determining guest size