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Wedding Videographer: Interview With Dan Ross Of Best Bytes Media

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By Jeffrey House Photography



What do married couples regret most about their weddings?

Simple.  How they planned them.  However, to be more specific couples most regretted two details in particular:

  • Not Hiring A Videographer
  • Scrimping on Their Wedding Photography

Aside from the obvious differences between wedding videography and photography, there are a lot of similarities between them.  And what's even more interesting is that 82% of couples regretted not hiring a videographer and scrimping on their wedding photography. 

So, how can this help you and your wedding?  

Well, 82% is a pretty high number of couples sharing this regret.  However, there's an up side.  It's also great information for couples in the planning process because this is real feedback from real couples, and it allows you the opportunity to avoid making the same mistakes!

Because you spend so much time, energy, and money planning your wedding, and because it's such a meaningful day, I truly hate seeing couples upset or miserable because no one shared information with them.   

Today, we are going to focus on wedding videography!  Videography provides a unique perspective of your wedding day - another creative and beautiful layer that shares your story.  

I recently sat down with Dan Ross from Best Bytes Media.  I have known Dan for many years and have had the honor of working with him on many occasions.  I always love working with Dan because he is highly creative, professional, trustworthy, and has a great personality!  Personality is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing your wedding professionals.  Being able to establish that connection  and feel comfortable working with them is essential.  Dan is a personable and friendly professional who will ensure your wedding day and your wedding videography is second to none!

Without further ado, let's take a look at the candid interview with Dan Ross from Best Bytes Media!

1.  Dan, give everyone some insight into Dan Ross, the person

While I have an obvious passion for videography and motion design, you can also add my love for playing guitar, scuba diving, and biking to the list.

2.  What initially sparked your interest in videography?

Being a fan of music, I first picked up a video camera when I wanted to shoot video of my family's band.  It grew into a hobby that I could not walk away from.  Instead, I kept investing into my gear as well as studying video techniques and editing styles.  Eventually, that lead me to my professional career and gave life to Best Bytes Media. 

3.  How did you begin professional wedding videography?

A friend of mine was getting married and asked me to videograph his wedding.  In all honesty, it was at this moment I fell in love with wedding videography.

4.  What's your favorite part/aspect of being a wedding videographer?

On the day of the wedding, I love to capture the "getting ready" moments - especially of the bride!  All the natural emotions that exist on a wedding day - the joy, anxiety, laughter, etc.  It can't be faked.  I love editing these moments too as it allows me to pull the viewers through the same emotions as they watch the wedding.  

5.  What adjectives best describe Best Bytes Media?

Fun, unique, exciting, and creative.

6.  What services/packages does Best Bytes Media offer?

We offer couples getting married essentially three different packages based on how long they need us for.  Every package includes two videographers as there are so many details to stay on top of.  

7.  How important is the equipment a videographer uses?

On a scale of 1-10, I would say it's a 7.  It's important to keep up with technology, but skill and creativity don't come from equipment alone.  I see iPhone videos out there that are quite impressive.  

8.  What type of equipment do you use and what are the benefits?

We use a combination of traditional, but professional grade videocameras and DSLR's.  In our experience, we find both are great tools.  Sometimes you need a hammer and sometimes you need a screwdriver.  I always use the best audio gear though as audio is extremely important.  Without great audio, we are only taking 30 pictures per second and it's no longer a video.

9.  What's your "work style" and your approach to the wedding day?

We contact the photographers before the day of the wedding to see what the schedule looks like for the day.  It's a great time to discuss a shot we may be looking for and see if it lines up with their plans.  In general though, we shoot what happens during the day without taking control.  If we are missing something, we will pull the photographer aside to ask for a certain shot.  Too many people control the timeline on the day of the wedding, so we just want to go with the natural flow.

10.  What do you think is most important about being a wedding photographer?

Moments are unfolding and happening everywhere, so you need to always keep your eyes open.  It's important to shoot like you edit, so you know what shots you will need to tell the couple's story.  You always need to have a good working relationship with the other wedding professionals, but especially the photographers.  We are all working for the same couple and our efforts can be much more productive with open communication.  Lastly, don't get stuck in the same rut - always be willing to try new things!

11.  What is the most common mistake you see couples make when it comes to hiring a videographer?

It's important to make sure your videographer works well with photographers.  Also, be sure to ask lots of questions.  If your videographer tells you they will have 2 cameras covering the day, don't assume that means 2 "manned" cameras.  Be very cautious about hiring a "one-man" team.  Research the company to make sure they have a good standing and aren't going to flee with your money.  There are too many horror stories out there and it always breaks my heart.

12.  What's the best advice you would give couples searching for a wedding videographer?

Aside from researching the different companies and asking lots of questions, make sure your personalities click!  Your wedding day will be so much better if you can imagine being friends with your professionals.

13.  What trends do you think we will see in wedding videography during 2016?

Although we deliver over a 60 minute wedding video, the trend is really pushing for shorter video lengths - a 15-20 minute beautifully edited highlight video.  

14.  Is there anything else you would like to share with couples?

Because I have a love for graphic animation, Best Bytes Media offers that too and we will be having a new launch soon!!  One thing that makes our online trailers unique and different from our competition is the use of animation, which gives our trailers a more cinematic, and adventurous feel!

I had such a great time speaking with Dan Ross about his wedding videography services and Best Bytes Media.  I can't thank him enough for taking the time to share his insights.  Dan is a wealth of knowledge and I always seem to learn something new when speaking with him.  I have a lot of respect for Dan as a person and his creative work.  I hope you were able to learn a few things from this interview too.  To speak with Dan and to learn more about Best Bytes Media contact them today!


Are you going to hire a videographer for your wedding?  Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear them!