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5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants Your Guests To Know

What Wedding Guests Need To Know

By Jeffrey House Photography



What do wedding guests need to know?

We focus our thoughts and energy on your wedding the moment we wake up, until the moment we get home.  While photographing a wedding, our minds are racing 1,000 mph.  We are focused on creating beautiful images of the moment unfolding before us.  But, we're also anticipating the moment about to unfold.  

We will literally make thousands of split-second decisions during the course of a wedding and the majority of these decisions impact the photos you'll ultimately see.  We are creating a lifetime of memories for you and your partner, and that's a huge responsibility.  But I wouldn't change any of it.  These are all part of the reason I love being a wedding photographer.

Most wedding guests are very respectful, courteous, and understand we have been hired to capture your memories.  But, some guests are only concerned with their own agenda.  In this article, we are going to share 5 things every wedding photographer wishes your guests understood.  

1.  We Are Not The Enemy

Many couples getting married are choosing to have an "unplugged" ceremony.  If you're not familiar with this term, it simply means your wedding guests are not allowed to take photos or video during your ceremony.  Not having an unplugged ceremony is definitely going to impact your professional photos and video.  Your images will be filled with arms, hands, and cell phones as your guests try to capture their pictures.  Many guests take it to another level and lean or stand in the aisle.  It ultimately results in wedding photos that look messy, cluttered, and distracting.

It's usually best to have your officiant make a brief announcement just prior to the start of your ceremony.  It's usually met with a few grunts and groans, but these are typically aimed at your wedding photographer.  Everyone will assume we are trying to prevent them from taking pictures.  

It's shocking to me how many cell phone companies now market their phones as "photography tools."  If cell phones were truly that competent at capturing amazing photographs, I assure you, every wedding photographer in the world would be using one.  It would save us from having to lug around a lot of bulky and heavy equipment.  

Unfortunately, most the images captured by a cell phone are either blurry or only appear good on their small screens.  They're not going to be of a quality that would allow you display a large print.  Once blown up into a larger size, every imperfection will become easily noticed.

Your ceremony is the most important part of the day.  This is what a wedding is all about.  As wedding photographers, we understand and appreciate how exciting it can be to capture an unforgettable moment.  We wish guest understood we're not trying to prevent them from taking pictures, but we've been hired to capture professional images and lifelong memories.  We can't risk guests jumping in front of us and ruining our photo, so they can can capture it on their cell phone.

2.  Understand We Have A Job To Do

Some wedding guests make it very clear we're killing their fun by placing restriction on when they can and can't take pictures.  We truly welcome guests taking photos, having a great time, and being in engaged in the wedding day.  But guests need to understand that we are actually being paid to take photos at your wedding and we have to properly document your day.  Unfortunately, this means our photos have to take priority.  

Wedding photographers work very closely with DJ's, because they run the show.  They have the schedule of the first dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc.  We determine when these events are happening ahead of time so we can take our position and prepare for the moment.  I've seen weddings before where the guests literally blocked the photographer from getting near the couple during the cake cutting.  Guests need to understand wedding photographers have a job to do and we always take priority.  

3.  Please Don't Be A Distraction

You will notice when it comes time for the formal family portraits and wedding party photos following the ceremony, photographers take you to a more secluded location.  There are several reasons for this and this includes getting everyone away from your wedding guests.  Depending on your wedding venue, this is sometime unavoidable.  However, if guests will be in the same area as the photos, they need to make sure they observe quietly from sidelines.  

In many of these situations, guests are making jokes and distracting the people in the photo.  This results in everyone looking in different directions, making funny faces, etc.  We understand it's a party and they're just trying to have a good time, but it's nearly impossible to get good photos when you're distracted.  It will also take twice as long because we will need to retake many of the photos.  

4.  Don't Shy Away

Wedding photographers will try and capture as many images as possible of your wedding guests.  These are part of the memories from your wedding.  Unfortunately, most people don't like their picture taken and this includes your guests.  Many of them are very uncomfortable being in front of the camera and they will shy away from having a photo taken.  

Guests need to remember these photos aren't for us, they're for you.  It's only a photo - we promise it will be quick, easy, and painless.  

5.  Have Fun With Us

We don't view you as our only clients when we photograph your wedding.  Your family, wedding party, and guests are all our clients, and we treat everyone as such.  We strive to interact with as many people as possible and remember everyone's name to make them feel special.  

We are very approachable and welcome guest interaction.  It's these moments that add to the life long memories that will be treasured for years to come!


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