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3 Reasons To Have A Winter Engagement Session

Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

By Jeffrey House Photography



Did you recently get engaged?

Or maybe you're about to get engaged.  Winter is the time of year a lot of couples get engaged and we have plenty of winter engagement photo ideas!

How long do you think it will take before you "set a date" and begin planning your wedding?  This article isn't going to focus on wedding planning, however, we will include some helpful links throughout this article that deal with wedding planning - take a peek when you have some free time!  It will really help to answer a lot of your questions!

Why The Engagement Session Is So Important

We are firm believers in the importance of the engagement session.  It's precisely why most of our wedding packages include a complimentary session.  Most couples have not been professionally photographed before and an engagement session allows them the opportunity to become familiar with the professional picture making process.  It also allows them to work with their photographer and learn about their approach to photography.  

Your photographer benefits from the engagement session too.  We get a chance to learn about you and your "couple style."  How you naturally interact with one another will help us to better manage your session.  

Successful photography is a relationship of trust.  All of the things we just discussed play an essential role in forming that trust.  By the time your engagement session is over you should have a good understanding about your photographer's work-style and you should feel much more comfortable in front of the camera.  It will pay huge dividends come the wedding day.

Want to learn more about choosing a location for your engagement session?  How about what you should wear?  

3 Reasons Why A Winter Engagement Session Is Perfect!

So hopefully you better understand why the engagement session is so critical to the success of your wedding photography.  Forming a positive relationship with your photographer, understanding their work-style, gaining a comfort level with the camera, and understanding the picture making process will all lead to more comfort and more confidence.  

Providing engagement photography is exciting, especially during the winter months.  I'll be honest though - when it comes to the cold and snowy weather I'd be perfectly content if it all went away on 12/26.  I'm not a big fan. But I also must admit that I do love the winter weather when it comes to photographing engagement sessions.  That's why I want share 3 reasons why you need to have a winter engagement session!  

1.  Unique & Interesting

Summer engagement sessions are certainly beautiful - the green grass, pretty flowers, etc.  However, it's amazing how different and beautiful certain locations can appear with a blanket of snow.  Some locations can even look different with each new snow fall and when the trees have that thin coating of ice on them it can look absolutely amazing (similar to the tree in the picture directly above)!  When it comes to winter engagements you never know what beauty Mother Nature will provide.  

Depending on the location of course, we may even get holiday decorations or lights as part of the pictures.  These types of things can make for some really interesting backgrounds.  

2.  The Lighting

One thing that I really love about the winter months is the lighting it produces, especially during the sunset hours.  The sky creates such a beautiful soft light - and I love the winter purple skies - breathtaking!  In order to really take advantage of the beautiful lighting, I would highly recommend starting your engagement session starting around 3:00 pm.  As the sun starts to set this where you will start to get the most useful and intriguing light.  

3.  Have Fun With The Attire

One of the really fun things about winter engagement sessions is the attire.  You can really mix up your outfits to create different looks by using boots, hats, scarves, sweaters, coats, etc.  These things can really add some character to your photographs.  The best part is how easy it is to make a change to your outfit - a simple coat change can create a whole new feel to the pictures.  So bring along your favorite winter clothes and have some fun by switching it up!

Winter engagement sessions, while a little cold, can really be a lot of fun and we can really make some beautiful pictures.  Most engagement sessions will last between 1 - 1 1/2 hours, so you won't be out in the cold for too long.  Embrace it and if you're really feeling courageous, throw a few snow balls at one another!  :)