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Why Jeffrey House Photography?


Choosing a photographer to capture your wedding celebration has become a challenging task.

With the affordability of DSLR cameras and the abundance of social media outlets, many amateurs are posturing themselves as "professionals."  It seems anyone with a camera these days is for hire.  This can make it incredibly difficult, for couples like yourself, to discern between amateur and professional photographers.  All of this means finding the right photographer for your wedding, has become even more concerning.  

You probably already know that you want a great photographer, but if you're like most couples, you're not sure what makes a photographer great.  Every couple is surprised to learn being a great photographer has very little, if anything, to do with their photographs.  Your wedding photographer is going to spend almost your entire wedding day by your side.  Not only is it vital they have a great personality, but it must also meld very well with your personality.  If you choose a photographer that makes you feel uncomfortable or they rub you the wrong way, it's going to make for a long day and an unpleasant experience.  

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why jeffrey house photography?

When you approach me to inquire about my wedding photography services, I want to take a moment to fully understand the vision you have for your wedding celebration.  This includes the expectations you have for your wedding photographer and your wedding photography.  It's critical that we are a good fit for one another and that's why I don't agree to photograph every wedding.  I want to make sure I'm a good fit for you and you're a good fit for me.  This will ensure I'm able to deliver you the full Jeffrey House Photography experience.  

what is the jeffrey house photography experience?


Anyone can copy what you do, but no one can copy who you are.  I can't take credit for this saying, but it resonates deeply with me.  Personality is the single most important detail to consider when hiring a professional photographer.  I bring a personality that is friendly, energetic, fun, creative, and professional.  This allows me to genuinely connect with you and capture your true essence. 

To better understand, let's take a look a what past couples have to say about Jeffrey House Photography.

"Working with Jeffrey House Photography was the best decision we made for our wedding and they, beyond a doubt, exceeded our expectations."

"Jeffrey House Photography's professionalism is second to none - most importantly, they made sure we had fun at all times."

"Jeffrey House Photography was an absolute blast to work with from the very start - they are friendly, relaxed, and enjoyable."

"Jeffrey House Photography was helpful in making recommendations and tips on locations, and picking spots to capture each moment perfectly."

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Trust & Professionalism

Trust is another critical ingredient in choosing a wedding photographer.  From a photographer's perspective, failing to earn your client's trust will result in a disconnected relationship and photographs that lack authentic emotion.  I believe trust is earned, not given; therefore, I place a strong emphasis on earning your trust through interactions that are helpful, genuine, and professional.  

Let's take a closer look at what past couples have to say!

"We absolutely love our pictures - the quality and every detail you were able to capture is amazing!"

"We are extremely happy with Jeffrey House Photography - they are very professional and our pictures came out beautiful."

"Jeff is by far the most dedicated and creative photographer I've had the pleasure of meeting."

"Jeff is a pioneer in the field of photography and I have enormous respect for his skills."

"You guys are wonderful to work with - you made everyone, including our guests, feel so comfortable."

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Artistic Growth

It's been said that growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those that do not.  As an artist, I strongly believe in constant learning, improvement, and professional growth.  Without growth, we become complacent and our artistry becomes stale and predictable.  You deserve better.  That's why I'm always striving to grow and consistently produce imagery that's unique and fresh.  

What do past couples have to say?

"Jeff is a great photographer and is always wiling to push his creativeness."

"Thank you for always using your imagination and creativity to give us wedding pictures that are different from everyone else."

"We love all the pictures - they made us laugh, cry, and notice so many details we didn't see on our wedding day."

"Jeffrey House Photography was able to incorporate  friends and family sharing a laugh, letting loose on the dance floor, and all of the emotional moments in between."