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My Client Service Philosophy 


my values

Genuineness ~ Integrity ~ Passionate ~ Reliability ~ Trustworthy

These are the words that define my values.

My values define your experience.

Motivational speakers always tell you to write down your goals if you want to accomplish them.  Writing them down adds a layer of commitment and you're 80% more likely to achieve your goals.  This is why I'm taking the time to share my values with you.  They serve as a constant reminder of my purpose.  They identify my promises to you.  They characterize the way you should feel about your experience with Jeffrey House Photography.


"Jeff is by far the most dedicated and creative photographer I've had the pleasure of meeting. We love our wedding pictures! Jeff and Christy caught all the special moments of our big day and they even got the kids to smile. We recommend Jeffrey House Photography to everyone! Thank you so much you two - you guys are amazing!"

Jessica & Shaun


actions speak louder than words

Anyone can tell you about their values, but what incentive do you really have to believe them?  Actions speak louder than words!  So, what steps do I take to demonstrate my values?  I encourage you to spend a little time exploring my website.  I think you will see the various ways in which I exhibit my values.


Client Testimonials

As you explore my website, you will notice client testimonials are shared throughout.  I pride myself on the relationships I've formed with past clients, many of which have gone far beyond their wedding day.  I place a lot of emphasis on personal connections and genuine relationships as this ultimately results in better wedding photography and a better overall experience for you.  


My website provides a ton of free wedding resources providing you with an extensive array of valuable articles designed to help you with essentially every aspect of your wedding.  I have no doubt you will find plenty of useful and relevant information.  

Personalized Attention

While most weddings share a lot of similarities, your wedding will be a unique event.  It's imperative that I explore and learn about your likes, dislikes, and the details that matter most to you.  This allows me to better understand the overall vision you have for your wedding and tailor my services towards your desires.


"We absolutely love our pictures! The quality and every detail you were able to capture is amazing! We shared our pictures with our families this past weekend and they love them too. My mother is raving about them and telling anyone who will listen. Thank you so much!"

Erica & Justin


Long-Term Relationships

It's likely our connection will span 15-24 months as we collaborate on your wedding.  It's a long-term relationship.  But, I also see myself as more than your wedding photographer - I see myself as your family photographer.  Whenever you have a milestone - whether it's an anniversary, birth of a child, etc., I want to be there to memorialize these life moments for you.  I'm confident by thinking long-term, it's going to help me make better business decisions that keep your best interests in mind.

I Enjoy Helping Others

A big part of being a wedding photographer is being an excellent problem-solver and helping others.  I truly enjoy helping couples find solutions that improve their wedding experience.  So many couples have expressed their gratitude over the years for my help and it's something I find extremely rewarding.