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Who Is Jeffrey & Why Should You Care?



Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them!
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Hi!  I'm Jeffrey - a Wedding Photographer Albany, NY with a passion for creativity.

Creating makes me feel exhilarated!  I truly believe in the communicative power of photography.  It has always amazed me how photographs, without the use of even a single word, can evoke such powerful emotions.  Photographs elevate our experiences - they engage and inspire people everywhere.




I'm often asked how I got started in photography.

I didn't grow up in a family of photographers and I didn't grow up with anyone that inspired me to be a photographer.  As a child, I was always using my imagination and was constantly involved in something creative.  For as long as I can remember, I've loved photographs - especially old black and white photographs.  There's something about them that's mysterious, profound, and intriguing.

For many years, I wanted to further explore photography, but didn't because I only had a basic camera.  Eventually, I had enough of avoiding photography due to poor equipment, and I purchased my first DSLR.  It was at that moment, I feel deeper in love with photography and knew I wanted to be a professional photographer.  Because I can be a bit of an over achiever and want to excel at everything I do, I pursued my formal photography training through one of the most recognized, and respected photography schools - The New York Institute of Photography.  

Why Wedding Photography?

So, why did I choose wedding photography?

I know it sounds a little cliché, but I believe wedding photography chose me.  I think many wedding photographers share this belief because wedding photography is such a unique genre of photography. But the uniqueness is a big reason why I love it so much.  It's extremely challenging.  You have to be proficient in many different kinds of photography; portraiture, product, photojournalism, low-light, event, etc.  

In order to really succeed as a wedding photographer, I have to be an excellent problem-solver.  I literally make thousands of split-second decisions over the course of every wedding.  These decisions usually determine whether or not I get the shot.  And when it comes to weddings, photographers only get one chance to get it right.  

My favorite aspect about being a wedding photographer is being able to share in your special day - the love, the details, and the emotion.  It's truly an honor when you place your trust in my hands to capture this wonderful day.  I get to experience your wedding in a very unique way and I share in some of your most vulnerable moments.

I've experienced moments that made me laugh out loud and I've experienced moments that literally brought tears to my eyes.