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Wedding photographer Saratoga, NY.  Learn amazing tips for having a picture-perfect engagement session!

Wedding Photographer Saratoga, NY


We Share Amazing Tips For Choosing Your Attire And The Location Of Your Engagement Session!


You've booked your photographer!

One more thing you can check off your wedding planning list.  Take a deep breath and enjoy another accomplishment.  

As a Saratoga NY Wedding Photographer, we understand your thoughts are likely turning to one of the most important parts of wedding photography - the engagement session.

Why Is The Engagement Session So Important?

There are 3 main reasons why the engagement session is so vital to the success of wedding photography.  As a matter of fact, it's so important we include a complimentary engagement session with our wedding collections.  

How You Benefit From An Engagement Session

For most couples, the engagement session is the first time they have ever been professionally photographed.  Initially, it can feel a little intimidating.

However, it's a great way for you to learn about your photographer, especially their work style, and how they approach making professional photographs.  It will also allow you to gain confidence and establish a comfort level being in front of the camera.  This may seem like a small detail now, but it will pay dividends come the wedding day!

How Your Photographer Benefits From An Engagement Session

One of the major benefits is the time we get to spend with you.  We get to learn more about your personalities and we get to demonstrate ours.  This is an essential part of building a trusting relationship and forming a personal connection.

We also get to see how you and your partner naturally interact with one another - it's referred to as your "couple style."  Are you  a naturally romantic couple?  Or are you more playful with one another?  

How you interact with one another will impact how we manage your engagement session.  This will help us avoid trying to get you to engage in activities that are way outside your comfort zone.  We will be able to get the best out of you and get the most out of your session.  

A Great Dress Rehearsal

Lastly, the engagement session serves as a great dress rehearsal for the wedding day.  However, because you're not dealing with the stresses of a wedding day, it's a very relaxed atmosphere focused on having fun!

When it comes to being photographed, most couples feel anxious because they don't know what to expect.  You don't know what we are going to ask of you, you don't know how you will look in the pictures, and unless you have modeling experience, you don't  know how to manage your body.  All of these thoughts and concerns cause you to feel tight and restricted.  

We want you to breathe and relax.  We want you to look beautiful in your pictures just as much as you want to look beautiful.  This is what we do and we are here to help you achieve this.  

We will be there to guide you with posing and contrary to popular belief "posing" is NOT a bad word.  However, the minute couples here the word "pose" they imagine those awful pictures produced by those chain photography studios - I will refrain from mentioning any names!  :0)

Our posing techniques are much more natural, subtle, and aesthetically pleasing.  As we progress through the engagement session we will share pictures with you so you can see just how beautiful and natural you look.

Where Should You Have Your Engagement Session?

This is obviously one of the first questions you will have when looking to schedule your session.  

I always recommend to couples they first consider locations that have a special meaning to them.  It might be the location of your first date or where you first said "I love you" or maybe it's where your partner proposed to you.  Selecting a location with a little extra meaning can offer a unique perspective to your story.

For many couples, they don't have a location  with special meaning or it doesn't work well for pictures.  No worries, we work with couples all the time facing this situation and there are plenty of beautiful locations that are perfect for your engagement pictures!

What To Look For With A Location?

When selecting your location, it's important to remember that you want it to be a location that makes you feel comfortable.  If you're a private person and don't like being the center of attention, you will probably want to avoid settings with a lot of people around.

Another important detail to consider is the surroundings of the location.  Ideally, it's best to choose a location with pleasing backgrounds - trees, bushes, flowers, brick walls, etc.  You most likely will want to avoid locations with obtrusive or distracting backgrounds, unless of course, you're trying to create a very specific "look." 

How Should You Dress For Your Engagement Session?

This is often a step overlooked by many couples, but it has significant importance.  Your attire can either serve to enhance your pictures or cause them to look distracting and displeasing.  Remember, we want the focus of your images to be on you!


Tips For Choosing Your Attire

Select Attire That Makes You Feel Comfortable And Confident

Please understand that "comfortable" does not mean sweatpants or anything similar.  These are going to be professional pictures that may be used for your newspaper announcement, save-the-date cards, or table settings at the wedding.  

Avoid Restrictive Clothing

It's definitely a good idea to avoid restrictive clothing.  Engagement sessions usually require you to be fairly mobile and they usually require at least some walking.  We certainly don't want you feeling uncomfortable or irritable because your clothing is making it difficult for you to maneuver.

Consider Color

When it comes to selecting the color of your attire, there are a few rules that need your attention.

Don't choose clothing that is entirely all one color - all white or all black for example.  We want your photographs to have contrast, depth, and texture.  Dressing in all one color will make the images appear flat.

Don't wear neon or fluorescent colors as they create ugly color casts on skin and hair.  

One last rule when it comes to color.  Avoid outfits with your partner that are "matchy-matchy!"  For example, it would be wise to pass on the idea of you both wearing white shirts and blue jeans.  This is "matchy-matchy" and again, we're striving for contrast, depth, and texture.  Be sure to choose clothing that compliments each other from a color perspective.


Accessories are a great way to add a splash of color, especially if your attire includes more neutral tones.  However, earrings, watches, shoes, bracelets, scarves, etc. are all great ways to add contrast, depth, and texture.  

Avoid Distracting Clothing

We want your engagement pictures to be all about you, not your clothing.  Your clothing should only serve to enhance your pictures; therefore, you will want to avoid the following pieces of clothing:

  • Large logos

  • Bold or distracting patterns

  • Stripes

  • Reflective surfaces

  • Clothes that look worn

  • Clothes that very tight

  • Clothes that are overly loose

It's also a great idea to steer away from clothing that is trendy.  You don't want to look back at these pictures 10 years from now and say, "what in the world was I thinking?"  When selecting your attire think classic.


Dress With Same Level Of "Dressyness"

This is definitely one of the more common mistakes we see couples make and it causes your pictures to look awkward.

Your outfits should compliment one another and work together in promoting the overall feel you want your photographs to have.  Whether you decide  to go formal or casual, just be sure you're both on the same page.  

Consider The Location

This is another fairly common mistake we see.  We often see couples dress in a manner that contradicts the location.  For example, if you want to have a country engagement session at a barn, dressing in more formal attire fights the environment.  But if you want an urban setting, a more formal look will likely look great!

Location can certainly have an impact on the style and color choices of your attire, so don't forget to account for the location.