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Photos You'll Love. Memories You'll Adore.

Wedding Photographers Albany NY | Jeffrey House Photography

Wedding photographers Albany, NY creating imagery that's imaginative, romantic, compelling & emotional!  Contact us today!


Wedding Photographers Albany, NY


Wedding Photos You'll Love.  Wedding Memories You'll Adore. 

Thank you for considering Jeffrey House Photography to be part of this extraordinary time in your life! 

Your wedding is sure to be an emotional and meaningful experience.  Unfortunately, nearly 75% of couple's wedding dreams were shattered because they hired the wrong photographer.  You're investing a lot of money to have beautiful wedding photography that captures rare and precious memories that will last a lifetime.  It shouldn't be spoiled by a deceitful, thoughtless or unprofessional photographer.  

I understand how difficult it can be to fine the right photographer for your wedding.  I'm sincerely inspired to ease your stress and help make wedding memories you'll remember forever.  The power of photography is amazing and together we will create photographs that are imaginative, emotional, compelling, and romantic.  Your photos will capture every wondrous moment and they will weave a fascinating story.  See what couples - like yourself - have to say.

My wedding photography collections begin at $2,300.  Every collection can be fully customized to ensure it's perfect for you.  Because I place such a strong emphasis on delivering you the highest-quality wedding experience, I don't agree to photograph every wedding I'm approached about, so please be sure to RESERVE YOUR DATE today!


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