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Wedding photographers near Albany, NY.  Discover these amazing wedding day preparation tips to ensure an amazing celebration!

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Amazing Tips To Prepare For Your Wedding Day!


The big day has finally arrived and it's going to be hectic!

Don't worry, we have some great wedding day preparation tips to help you with your wedding photography.  

As wedding photographers near Albany, NY, it's our responsibility to capture your story - the beautiful details and candid moments of your special day. This story begins with the pre-ceremony moments - getting ready.

We have created these preparation tips for our clients, so you can enjoy the wedding day and get the most out of your wedding photographs.


1.  The Bridal Suite

The room(s) brides and/or grooms use to get ready often become cluttered with wedding day supplies, clothes, food and drink, etc.  As you begin to get ready take a few moments to dedicate an area of the room that is "out of the way" and dedicate it to these items.  When we are taking the "getting ready" pictures, we want to minimize any obtrusive objects in the background as much as possible.  

2.  Limit The Number Of People In The Room

This is typically more of an issue for the brides, but bridal suites can quickly become pretty cramped.  It's essential to limit the number of guests in the room to only those that need to be there - bride, bridesmaids, parents, any other very important family members, and your wedding professionals (photographer and videographer).  The more people that are in the room, the more stress and distractions it creates.


3.  Keep Important Details Together  

Some of the most treasured pictures from your wedding day will be the "detail" shots - the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.  Make sure to keep all these details in one convenient location so your photographer can easily and quickly access them.  This will prevent you and your bridesmaids from having to stop what you're doing to hunt these items down, losing valuable time.  

4.  Bring A Custom Hanger

You most likely spent a fair amount of money on your wedding dress.  One details brides often overlook is bringing a nice hanger to include in the pictures.  We want to avoid, if at all possible, beautiful photographs of your wedding dress on a clear plastic hanger.  A custom hanger or a nice wood hanger will be much more aesthetically pleasing.  

5.  The Bride First

When it comes to getting ready, the bride should have her hair and make-up done first to help avoid running late.  If you wait until after the bridesmaids, you run a high risk of running late and severely limiting your photography time.  This could ultimately prevent us from being able to take those bridal portraits that so many brides love.  


6.  Photography Time

When it comes to photographing the pre-ceremony events and details, you should figure 1 1/2 hours for your photographer to capture the moments of the day.  Depending on the specific needs of your wedding, your photographer can accomplish these shots in 1 hour if need be, but I would try to avoid this if at all possible.  


Practically every bride will attest that your wedding day is a blur.  It feels like it's over in the blink of an eye. Taking the time to follow these tips will certainly help to slow the day down and reduce wedding day stress.  


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