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Wedding photography Albany, NY.  Photos you'll love.  Memories you'll adore.  Contact us today to reserve your date!

Wedding Photography Albany, NY


Wedding Photography In Albany, NY That's Imaginative, Emotional, Compelling, and Romantic!


signature Photography Style

"Stylized" wedding photography best describes my photography style.   

Weddings are very unique because they require a photographer to be highly-proficient in multiple genres of photography - portraiture, product (dresses, rings, etc.), events (dancing, action, etc.), low-light, and storytelling.  My photography style is aimed at creating magazine quality imagery worthy of the Jeffrey House Photography brand.  The imagery from your wedding day will be imaginative, emotional, compelling, and romantic.  Your photographs will exquisitely capture and document your wedding celebration in a sincere fashion.  


Signature Production

The cameras we have available to us today are amazing pieces of technology, but they have their limitations.  Regardless of how perfectly we capture a scene "in-camera," it will always require attention in post-production to bring it to the next level.  Unfortunately, many wedding photographers scrimp on this part of the creative process or they avoid it altogether.  When it comes to your wedding photos, I am meticulous about the fine details.  Post-production should include accurate color correction, skin retouching, removal of lint and hair from attire, and much more.  

My Signature Production style focuses on creating photographs that are natural, clean, crisp, and vibrant.  The images reflect accurate skin tones without making you look "fake" or "plastic."  It's imperative to respect the integrity of every image.  My Signature Production also includes advanced processing techniques that include black and white imagery, vintage, classic film, and cinematic feels.  



Signature Production Designed By Jeffrey House Photography


Signature High Definition Vibrance

Imagery that's clean and crisp with colors that "pop."


Signature Black & White

My Signature Black & White processing creates images that are mysterious and timeless.

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Signature Vingtage

Signature Vintage creates timeless images with soft, beautiful colors.  

Signature Classic Film

Our Signature Classic Film produces images with a familiar "retro" feel and photographs that have a unique beauty.

Creative Compositions

We are always looking for brilliant reflections, silhouettes, symmetry, and unique environmental elements to create creative compositions.  

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Natural Posing

Our unique approach to posing simply guides couples into natural posing.  We make sure to give you as much guidance and direction as you need to ensure natural and comfortable poses.

Fun and Playful

We love including some opportunities for you to have fun and act playful.  These are often of the most cherished moments.

The Moments

Every wedding is unique and you never know when the next great moment is going to unfold.  We are always alertly aware of our surroundings anticipating the next kiss, smile, tear or hug. 

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The Details

You meticulously plan every detail, and every detail shares another perspective of your story.