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Wedding photography prices Albany, NY.  Wedding packages with great features and amazing benefits!

wedding photography prices albany, ny


Discover My Full-Featured & Affordable Wedding Packages



My Signature Wedding Collections begin at $2,200.

I offer a variety of wedding collections designed to meet the needs of practically every couple.  However, I am very flexible and understand you may need something a little different to better complement the needs of your wedding celebration.  Every wedding collection is fully customizable to ensure it's perfect for you and your wedding.  




Engagement Sessions

If you're like most couples, your engagement session will be the first time you've ever been professionally photographed.  The engagement session is one of the most critical aspects to beautiful wedding photography because it's essential in developing our relationship.  You will learn about my work-style and the professional photo making process.  In turn, I will get to learn about each of you and your "couple-style" - how you naturally interact with each other.  This is vital to managing your photography sessions.


My copyright release provides you with the rights to reproduce your engagement and wedding photos.  Your images are provided on a high-quality USB drive in two formats:


Web Resolution

The high-resolution version allows you to print your photographs for personal use without any restrictions.  The web version allows you to share your photographs on your favorite social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).  The web version is also compatible with an iPad giving you the capability to create your very own mobile wedding album.  Enjoying and sharing your wedding photos has never been easier or more fun!

4K Wedding Slideshows

A 4K wedding slideshow adds a whole other dimension to your wedding photos and provides a unique experience for viewers.  I strategically select and arrange your wedding photographs to create a heartwarming storyboard approach, while infusing it with inspirational music to create an emotional experience. 


Two Photographic Artists

Two photographic artists allows your wedding celebration to be captured from multiple and unique perspectives for a more comprehensive experience.  

Quality Products

I offer a full-line of quality products including fine-art wedding albums, professional prints, artistic wall displays, and much more.  All of these products provide a great way to experience and admire your most cherished wedding memories.